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On Sunday the 15th of March at 12 noon, join Cyherbia to reconnect with plants and trees on a new, personal level.

We can deepen our relationship with nature by connecting to the consciousness of trees and plants. We will go on a guided walk in the woodland where we will be introduced to the consciousness of plants and listen to their unique song. Contact with plant intelligence sparks a deeper insight into the world around us and can enrich our lives enormously.
We will spend time in sacred space under the trees, connecting with plants and learn how to tune into their vibration and spirit, and receiving their messages. (wear comfortable clothes and shoes)
After the plant meditation we will each fill our own personal herb pouch with the plants we connected with for home use. Once back in the tea room each participant may choose a flower essence to take home.

Join on this exciting journey at Cyherbia and get in touch with trees and plants to create a deeper relationship between you and nature! This event is suitable for adults only. Bring a notebook and pen.

Cost, including entrance to the park and herbal tea, herb pouch and flower essence: 15 euros per person.

Limited spaces available. 


For aromatherapy, burn it in an oil burner and enjoy the benefits of mood improvement and a refreshing smell in your home. We recommend: lavender, orange, ylang ylang, rosemary and lemon verbena!

For hair growth: lavender, bay leaf and rosemary. Put 5 drops in your shampoo bottle or one drop of each essential oil on your hairbrush and brush thoroughly from scalp to the ends of your hair!

For skin care: lavender and lemon verbena! Put 1 drop of essential oil in 5ml of carrier oil like coconut oil, grapeseed oil or almond oil and use it all over your face, hands and body during the night! It evens out skin colour, treats skin conditions and rejuvenates and hydrates the skin deeply!


    Ticket price:

    • €15 - per ticket