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Sema: Children’s Centres for Early Childhood Development

Children’s centres for early childhood development, “Sema”, are located in Larnaca and Nicosia, offering a variety of programmes that help to discover and further the development of the abilities of children from 18 months to 6 years.

For more than six years the professional caregiver centres have provided comprehensive intellectual, social, creative and physical development of children.

All training programmes are chosen according to the personal needs of each child.

Early Development Services centres “Sema”:

  • SemaKindergarten;
  • development activities (1 year);
  • special training programme (3-5 years);
  • preparation for school (5-7 years);
  • Musical Studio (5-13 years);
  • English, group / individual lessons (children, adults);
  • organisation of celebrations and birthdays;
  • game room;
  • children’s camp;
  • day care centre.

Kindergarten in Cyprus

Job development centres “Sema” are similarly to kindergartens. The training process includes interactive educational activities and free time for play, meals and rest.

Educational activities are designed to be fun to maximise the interest of students in the learning process. The centre has its own methods and development of training children for classes in the school with the highest possible efficiency.

The parents’ basic training programme can be expanded with additional activities including drawing, dancing, modelling, chess and so on.

The centres also offer visiting groups, full or part-time.

From 07:30 to 17:00 — the whole day group:

  • Sema - Gamesbreakfast;
  • activities and games;
  • walks;
  • dinner;
  • sleep.

From 07:30 to 13:00 — part-time group:

  • breakfast;
  • development activities;
  • walk.

Advantages of childcare centres “Sema”:

  • 11 different developing courses combined into one programme;
  • small groups (no more than five children);
  • Specially equipped rooms for individual sessions;
  • All lessons conducted by teachers specialising in different subjects and having the appropriate qualifications and experience.

Sema - Children's birthday partiesChildren’s birthday parties in Cyprus

The Centre’s experienced teachers will help with the programme and celebrations and birthdays for children from 1 year.

Children will be invited to participate (in the relevant age group) in competitions and games, will receive gifts at the end and sing happy birthday.

Summer camp for children in Cyprus

Sema - Summer camp

During the summer holidays development centres “Sema” offer a unique programme for children 3-5 and 6-10 years.

Every weekday children are offered a variety of educational activities and games, and there are no restrictions on the length of stay.

The summer camp activity programme changes every two weeks.

The cost of staying in a summer camp:

For more information and to reserve a place, please contact Tel: +357 96 352441.

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