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Carrefour Cyprus began in 1990 in Limassol with the name Chris Cash & Carry, and since 2012 it belongs to the Greek company Marinopoulos A.E., which is the exclusive licensee of the Carrefour brand in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans with over 900 shops.

Carrefour Cyprus, the biggest supermarket chain in Cyprus, has 18 shops in the country and contributes both directly and indirectly to the financial development of the island. Additionally, by employing over 1.170 employees, the company is one of the biggest employers in Cyprus.



The company circulates over 46.000 product codes through its stores which include not only items of well-known brands but also a rich range of products of Carrefour’s own label, in cooperation with selected suppliers. Specifically, at Carrefour Cyprus stores there are 1.300 product codes.

Additionally, the company cooperates with 300 Cypriot suppliers to offer consistent support to the local economy, developing actions and initiatives to further promote quality Cypriot products.

The company’s ethos places the Cypriot consumer at its centre, holding a stance of responsibility and respect towards them and offering through its shops, quality and innovative services as well as a rich range of products at low prices on a daily basis. Simultaneously, it consistently takes action and undertakes initiatives of Corporate Social Responsibility, aiming at the practical support and reinforcement of the local economy and society.

For Carrefour Cyprus, the biggest retail chain in Cyprus, Corporate Social Responsibility constitutes an essential part of its corporate identity. Using the concept of ethical business as a guide, a core priority of the company is to actively prove its sensitivity towards society and individuals with a strategy based on the pillars of People – Society – Environment.

Within this framework, Carrefour Cyprus responsibly undertakes initiatives while aiming to upgrade the quality of life on the island and promoting a high standard of living for its residents. Carrefour Cyprus wants to give the most where it is needed.

The company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are at the core of Carrefour Cyprus’ activities and are being applied in a variety of sectors.

Carrefour More specifically, through coordinated initiatives, Carrefour Cyprus offers moral but also financial assistance to schools, charities and families in need. At the same time, through the constant discounts offered at its shops, it stands by every Cypriot family.

The most important social responsibility activity of the company is the “Progevmatizomen”-Breakfast programme.

Carrefour Cyprus, with respect and sensitivity towards every fellow human in need and with a conscience of responsibility towards the local communities in which it is active, has taken action and developed the Breakfast programme, in cooperation with the Church, the Schools Authority and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The programme constitutes an initiative of love and giving by Carrefour Cyprus towards vulnerable groups which are in need of help and support.

For the last three years Carrefour Cyprus has been offering breakfast on a daily basis to 3.077 pupils in need, at 88 schools in Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca. It is predicted that until the end of 2015 over 900.000 breakfasts will have been served.

In addition, the company employs a total of 20 individuals with special abilities, enhancing their lives and offering them a chance to socialise and be independent and useful members of society, without any discriminations.

Moreover, Carrefour Cyprus participates in activities which concern the protection of the environment, taking on significant initiatives to implement environment-friendly practices and technology.


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