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Eklekton Traditional Products: sweet taste of Cyprus

Eklekton Traditional Products is a family-owned company with a shop in Nicosia, which specialises in the distribution and sale of Cypriot and Greek traditional and gourmet products, wines and spirits. The shop also offers to individuals and businesses a unique selection of personal and corporate gifts.

The company also imports and distributes exclusively in Cyprus, high-quality products, free from preservatives, from the following five excellent Greek food companies.

The products mentioned below are also available at hypermarkets and other selected retail shops all over Cyprus.

Traditional Handmade Rusks / bites / breadsticks “Ntourountous”

from Sfakia, Crete, Greece

  • NtourountousVourgiali /Rusks (Barley Rusk, Oat Rusk, Carob Rusk, Barley Rink Rusk, Barley Rusk / Ntakaki, Barley Rusk / Ntakos);
  • Bites (Honey & Walnut, Honey & Almond, Multigrain & Carob, Carob & Hazelnut, Orange & Cinnamon, Cinnamon & Wine, Oat & Raisins, Oil & Sesame, Barley, Sesame, Garlic, Gruyere Cheese, Oil & Oregano);
  • Breadsticks (Carob, Multigrain, Corn).

Rizes Greek Delicatessen:

from Kozani, Greece

  • Rizes Greek Delicatessen100% Fruit Spreads, NO Added Sugar – NO Pectin (Apricot, Black Cherry with Rosewater, Strawberry, Fig, Peach, Mirabelle with Mountain Tea, Plum, Red Plum);
  • Sweet Red Pepper Spreads, with extra virgin olive oil and high degree of density (Sweet Red Pepper Pate, Sweet Red Pepper with Garlic, Sweet Red Pepper and Tomato Paste, Sweet Red Pepper and Tomato Paste Picante, Sweet Red Pepper with Onion, Sweet Red Pepper and Aubergine Paste).

Many products (both fruit and sweet red pepper spreads) have been given the ‘Great Taste Award.

Lenas Gourmet:

from Korinthos, Greece

  • Lenas GourmetDried Nut Spreads, Gluten-Free :
    – Pistachio;
    – Almond;
    – Hazelnut.
  • Tahini Spreads with Dried Nuts and Honey, Gluten-Free:
    – Tahini (Sesame Paste), Pistachio, Honey, Molasses;
    – Tahini (Sesame Paste), Almond, Honey;
    – Tahini (Sesame Paste), Hazelnut, Honey, Molasses, Mastic.
  • Confectionary Pastes (100% Dried Nuts):
    – Pistachio;
    – Almond;
    – Hazelnut.

Traditional Pasta “Bovaletti”:

from Markopoulo, Athens

  • BovalettiA variety of pasta (made with semolina from durum wheat, eggs and milk) — Penne, Tagliatelle, Couscous, Orzo, Fusilli, Noodles, Shells, Hippocampus, Elbow;
  • Pasta (made with semolina from durum wheat, eggs) with — Lobster, Spinach, Thyme & Wine, Sweet Red Pepper, Garlic & Pepper, Spices, Tricolore.

Saviolakis Cretan Thyme Honey “Sfakiano”

from Sfakia, Crete

100% Raw / Unheated.

Taste Cyprus with Eklekton Traditional Products!

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