CYHERBIA. A Park For Those Who Love Nature

CYHERBIA. A park for those who love nature

The scant vegetation in Cyprus, especially in August, causes concern amongst some tourists.

Of course the hotels create their own green areas, and Troodos is undoubtedly beautiful for those who are able to visit there. But Cyprus tends to be not as green as some other Mediterranean islands.

The dense Cypriot forests were cut down several hundred years ago as the wood was needed in the process of copper mining, and the bogs and rivers were drained in the fight against Malaria.  It would seem that humans had a big part to play in the current depleted state of Cyprus’ natural environment.  Some efforts have been made though to restore the flora on the island.

When driving along the main road you will notice the young trees that have been planted on the hills in even rows, but the lack of water during the summer inhibits growth significantly.

Keeping all this in mind, you will understand the special significance in the opening of the new Botanical Gardens, CYHERBIA, in the village of Avgorou.  The park is relatively new, approximately 3 years old, and is set on an area of just over 30, 8km off the Larnaca-Ayia Napa road.

All the trees, shrubs and the numerous medicinal herbs in the park have been specially planted, and thanks to continuous care and watering have flourished, so that the park is already welcoming guests.  The park is divided into 3 areas.

Sector 1. A Mini-Journey AroundMini-Cyprus

An Intricate Maze

In the largest of the areas, a map of the island is depicted using Cypresses, one of the symbols of Cyprus.  You can walk the whole of the “Cypriot coast” along paved paths, and learn about the flora and some inhabitants on the way.

All the plants are arranged so that during the mini-tour you can learn about the special features of the flora and fauna of each region of Cuprus. Both adults and children will certainly enjoy this.

Sector 2. An Intricate Maze

A living hedge forms a labyrinth in the second area of the park.  Designers have created a system of intricate paths on an area measuring 2,000 sq.m.  It’s easy to associate it with palace life of European capitals in the 18th and 19th centuries, where mazes were the main entertainment of the courts.  This challenging journey may become an interesting family adventure.

Sector 3. Aromatic and Medicinal Herbs


The third area holds a garden with medicinal herbs. It, in turn, is split into 9 mini-sectors, where there are:

  • Aromatherapy herbs;
  • herbs used in cooking;
  • herbs used for infusions and decoctions;
  • herbs used to fight garden pests;
  • herbs used for baths;
  • medicinal herbs;
  • skin-care herbs;
  • and a typical Cypriot herb garden.

There is also a tea house in the park, where you can try freshly brewed tea and baked goods made using local herbs. A nearby shop provides organic, herbal products.  You can find handmade soaps, creams, scrubs, infusions, aroma oils and medicinal herbal preparations for various ailments.

Seminars and various conferences devoted to medicinal herbs are held regularly at the park, and you can learn about the slimming and health programmes based on phytotherapy.

It should also be noted that it is very easy to combine a visit to the park with a trip to Larnaca.

The park is open for visitors:

  • from 09.00 tо 13.00 — on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday;
  • from 10.00 tо 15.00 — on Saturday and Sunday.