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3 Nov 2017

Who has the pharmacy bothered? A new explosion in Limassol.

Drivers and electricians. Why are they ready to strike?

Taking off! A road hog was caught in Cyprus driving at a record speed.

The Russian Gastronomy Week. What would the guests be surprised with?




This week, a new powerful explosion hit Limassol. On Wednesday morning, a bomb detonated at the door of a pharmacy at the crossing of Kritis and Ayias Phylaxeos. At the time of the explosion, the pharmacy was closed, so no one was injured. Part of the pharmacy has been destroyed – the damage is significant, but it is unclear as to who is responsible for that. Lately, the explosions happen almost every week here in Limassol following a similar scenario: Every time the bomb is left at the entrance in the early morning. The police occasionally report on their progress in the investigation, but the sad series continues.


Two major strikes happened in Cyprus earlier this week. The first one was conducted by bus drivers in Paphos. In such manner Paphos Osypa employees tried to draw attention to the problem of non-payment of salaries – the strike organisers blame the state for that. By Wednesday afternoon, more than a hundred buses stopped for two hours. The drivers say that this was a warning strike, threatening with more serious actions. Also, the Electricians’ Union warned the authorities about a large-scale strike. They demand that the state prevent the sale of the energy company’s subdivisions. For now, the electricians threaten with just non-attendance at work, but in future they are ready to disconnect the consumers.


Cyprus is successfully tackling unemployment. This week brought statistics on the employment of EU countries’ residents. In Cyprus, the unemployment rate is now 10.3% – almost 3% less than it was a year ago. This is the best rate decline index throughout the EU. It should be added that the highest unemployment rate within the EU is now in Greece – 21%, and the lowest rate is in the Czech Republic – 2.7%.


The negative record is registered in Cyprus. In the past weekend, the police caught a road hog on the road driving at a speed of 228 kilometres per hour – it is the highest speed ever observed. The traffic offence happened at night on the Larnaca-Nicosia highway. The patrol recorded the offence near the village Lymbia. The police decided not to engage in a pursuit in order to avoid endangering other motorists. The patrol officers handed over information to their colleagues who had stopped the reckless driver near the capital. The driver was found to be drunk (about 0.7 per mille of alcohol) and having tax debts. He now will be held accountable for his actions under the law.


The famous Paphos Lighthouse has become the Sea Museum. The renovation of the building had recently been completed, carried out as part of the renovation of the entire historical appearance of Kato Paphos. Now, there is an exhibition inside that building with the self-explanatory name: “Cyprus, the sea and the lighthouses – the eternal history.” As the organisers pointed out, such a theme has been chosen on purpose – the island country’s connection to the outer sea had been carried through the maritime boundaries. And the lighthouses were always the first to meet guests from far-away places. Nowadays, the importance of the lighthouses is no longer so great, but they remain not only architectural monuments but also important historical sites.


Preparations for the Russian Gastronomy Week continue in Cyprus. It’ll be held 13 to 17 November. We already know the schedule of presentations, show programmes, and culinary master classes from the best chefs de cuisine of Russia. A complete list of events can be found on our website The official media partners of the Gastronomy Week are Russian radio and Kiprinform, and its main venue will be the five-star Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol. A great opening ceremony, tastings, and of course a gala dinner are just a part of a delicious and exquisite schedule. Don’t miss it!

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