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29 Mar 2016
Donate and help the animals

Эндрю Браун

The manager of the Argos Animal Sanctuary Mr. Andrew Brown has made a call to the people to help him to get 2,500 Euros and in order to achieve his goal, he is ready to work at the Cyprus marathon dressed in a costume of a dog.

InCyprus reports that Mr. Brown, and experienced marathoner, will participate in the OPAP Marathon on 10th of April and will run for 42 kilometres.

In order to attract donations for the needs of the Animal Sanctuary, he created a webpage in the Internet, where he announced that he will cover the whole distance on the hot April’s day dressed as a dog. In the shelter which accommodated 250 animals and to help each one of them to find a new home and feed them, he needs at least 10 Euros per animal.

Mr. Brown first started to participate in the charity events when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. Since then, he participated in the 4 marathons in London and 2 marathons in New York.

If you would like to donate, follow the link.