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22 Apr 2016
IGOGO… Cyprus masters mobile technologies

In this high-tech era, people strive to optimise their lives, their costs and their working hours.  No-one wants to wait or to depend on anyone or anything.  We want our wishes satisfied as soon as possible and as efficiently as possible.

In most cases all that stands between us and what we want is a click of a mouse or a smart-phone touch-screen.

We buy tickets, reserve hotels and pay for goods with a simple touch of any device with Internet access.

All this makes our lives much simpler and relieves us of the necessity to waste our precious time on queuing, or calling one another to pick something up from the shops on the way home.

But still we often waste our time ordering taxis.  A car which will pick us up and take us anywhere we want to go, any time we want!  We rummage around in our bags and purses looking for the number of a driver we know.

When we first come to Cyprus, a country soaked in sunlight, we want to enjoy the moment and see all the beauty of this island of love… But how can we do this without wasting a lot of time? You’re lucky if your English or Greek is fluent, otherwise it’s not going to be so easy.  We are so much accustomed to doing everything with a click…

Cyprus Taxi App

IGOGOLyricism aside, Cyprus is worthy of having its own unique system of searching for a taxi like any other European country.

IGOGO, which anyone can find and install for free through Google Play/App Store, has recently been launched.

What do we get?  We get a full scale programme which finds you anywhere in Cyprus*, send a request to a driver and, as soon as any of them takes the order, you will be provided with full information on the car which is coming to pick you up.  No calling, no unfamiliar language to deal with.  The programme works in 7 languages, including Russian.

Some people will mention that services like Uber and Gettaxi have been around for a long time, and it’s true; they are very popular.  So, what’s the difference?

The price

What’s the cost of a taxi using the IGOGO service?  It has to be exactly the same as a normal metered taxi as all tariffs are approved by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus.

The customer checks the price by the meter and pays it directly to the taxi driver.


IGOGO respects the laws of the country it’s operating in, this is why the IGOGO programme co-operates only with licenced drivers who can legally carry passengers on the island.

They do not replace the taxi service or co-operate with just anyone who has a driving licence and a car.  The passenger’s safety is important.


Cyprus taxiIGOGO is quite a young project, developed by a team of enthusiasts and based on their own unpleasant experiences of communicating with Cyprus’ taxis, which are themselves nevertheless, aiming to provide a high-quality service.  “We like this country, we like the people who live here, and we would very much like to make our life a little more modern and comfortable through joint effort.”

“We plan to develop the service across the whole island and ensure maximum convenience and comfort both for drivers and passengers.  We will try to develop in every direction.  We are not afraid of criticism or advice – this means we are on the right track and there are possibilities for improvement”.

And one more thing – “We hope to give a pleasant surprise to our customers through joint promos with our partners soon – we can’t tell you about them right now – you can learn about them in detail on our website and our Facebook page, but we can say that they will be pleasant surprises, and everyone will be happy”.


*at the moment the service fully works in Limassol. Orders for transfers from airports of Larnaca and Paphos to any point in Cyprus are available as well as transfers between cities.