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2 Mar 2016
Possible addition of the new official language of the EU

Флаги ЕС и Турции

Nicos Anastasiades has proposed to the EU to add Turkish language in the list of official languages of the Union. This proposal was made in order to speed up the reunification process on the island.

Mr. Anastasiades has pointed out that such a proposal was made back in 2002, during the Cyprus’ ascension period to the EU. However the European Union did not elaborate on that proposal for several reasons: first of all, the financial aspect- 1% of the entire budget is allocated just for the payment of the translator’s fees employed by the EU institutions. In total, addition of another language would cost additional 37 million Euros per year.

Secondly, back then, the Cyprus problem was in a very tense stage, so EU preferred not to intervene in the process, so as not to worsen the situation.