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30 Mar 2016
The hijacker of the EgyptAir’s A320, the citizen of Egypt Seif ad-Din Mustafa will appear before the Court today


The hijacking of the Airbus, which was performing the domestic flight from Alexandria to Cairo, took place yesterday morning. The hijacker got through the security checks without any problems- the security services did not notice under his clothes a fake bomb. When his was in the aircraft, he threatened the crew that he will operate the device if the aircraft will not be redirected to Turkey. There was not enough fuel for such a flight, so the captain requested emergency landing in the Larnaca airport. The flight from Larnaca were temporarily suspended and were redirected to the Paphos Airport.

The hijacker demanded to provide him with an interpreter and to bring his ex-wife. He gave her a logn letter and requested political asylum in Cyprus. He later demanded to refuel the aircraft and when his demand was rejected- he surrendered to the police.