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15 Nov 2016
The leaders of the two communities are getting ready for the second round of negotiations

Акинчи, Мун, Анастасиадис

During the 5 day summit at Mont Pelerin, the two sides have reached a significant progress in their discussions, but the resolution of the issue concerning the territorial matters is expected to take place during the meeting in Geneva on 20th of November. The matters of Federal division of the future state and the proportion of Turkish- and Greek-Cypriots also remain unresolved.

Anastasiades has requested a one week pause in order to inform the National Council and consult with the leaders of the countries, who are interested in the reunification progress.

Nevertheless, the experts acknowledge significant progress in the negotiations. Barrack Obama in his interview to Greek media said that “the resolution of the Cyprus problem will show the world that the dialogue is a powerful and positive measure to resolve the conflicts via compromises and diplomacy”.