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24 Nov 2016
The leaders of the two communities failed to reach an agreement

Акинчи и Анастасиадис

The leaders of the two communities of Cyprus failed to reach necessary agreements in order to resolve the Cyprus problem.

The territorial matter remained unresolved at the last negotiations stage in Mont Pelerin. Apart from the territorial matter, the affiliation of the Morfou city and part of the coastal line also were not resolved. Furthermore, both sides did not agree upon the number of the refugees. President Anastasiades insists that approx 80,000-90,000 must return to their homes, whereas the Turkish leader decreases this number to 70,000.

Due to the failure in negotiations, Turkey and Greece were requested to join in the negotiations. The Special Advisor of the UN Secretary General Espen Barth Eide already reported to the UN about the so-called “mini-crisis” in the negotiations.