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13 Jul 2016
Victoria Nuland met with Nicos Anastasiades

Виктория Нуланд

The Assistant of the US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has officially visited Cyprus.

Mrs. Nuland is the person responsible for the relations of the US with Europe and Asia. Her name is also strongly connected with the current situation in Ukraine. She visited Kiev just before Yanoukovich was ousted and right after the coup. She works closely with the new Ukrainian government and periodically meets with the Russian authorities.

According to Mrs. Nuland, she came to Cyprus “to listen”. Yesterday she met with Nicos Anastasiades and later with the representatives of the Turkish community.

She also replied to the journalists that her role is to listen to what both sides have to say. She also acknowledged that the leaders of both communities are putting a lot of effort to find the way to resolve the current issues.