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Ioanna Markidou

imark my blues

Coming from a different professional background, a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants with broad experience in audit for some of Deloitte’s multinational clients in Shipping, Trading and Finance, Ioanna Markidou is an amateur photographer.

She likes to capture the moments as seen through her eyes. Although capturing a moment happens with a single click, it is nevertheless magical. Photography’s ability to connect us to our past, to connect us with an event and to preserve memories without words or interpretation, makes it an influential hobby.

Recently she has had her first photo exhibition, titled “imark my blues”. The exhibition included photos with a common characteristic, the “blue” colour/light of the sky and of the deep sea, extended on earth, during our “ups” and “downs”. Blue stands for: 1. a colour, blue as one of the three primary colours in photography. When mixed with red, it gives magenta and when mixed with green it makes cyan. 2. a condition, blue as being sad or feeling melancholic.”


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