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TIM Geneva Auditors LTD – counsulting and audit in Cyprus

TIM Geneva Auditors LTD is a leading service provider for both local and international companies or individuals.

Their goal is to help our clients become more successful and not only to satisfy but also exceed their expectations.
Company provides a supportive, rewarding and vibrant environment where our people have many opportunities to grow and succeed.

The founder, team and partners of the firm have been working for several years supporting various sectors of the industry, providing high-quality financial services.

Through their experience, they have acquired the skills necessary to add value to their business and increase the personal finances of their clients by carefully studying each case and providing timely, relevant and constructive service and advice in their respective areas of expertise. The firm is committed to continuing to provide its clients with the following services, in a professional and timely manner at competitive prices, and to help strengthen clients’ businesses and protect their interests.

TIM Geneva Auditors LTD  provides services:

  •  Value Added Tax (VAT)

The Value Added Tax (VAT), it applies more or less to all investments and services that are brought and sold for use or consumption in the European Union (EU).

A consumption tax because it is borne ultimate by the final consumer. It is not a charge on businesses.

– Claim of VAT input suffered in other EU member states.

– Maintenance of VAT records.





  • Advisory and Consulting


One of the best and surest approaches to guarantee the current and on-going success of your business is to formulate and conform to a well-designed strategy.

Their expert management and business performance consultants are dedicated to listen to client needs and requirements to help create a prompt effect and noticeable results on their business. A well devised strategic business plan can help secure the future productivity and profitability of your business.


– Tax planning.

– Strategic planning.

– Financial management.

– Profit improvement and cost reduction.

  • Taxation


Profitable companies, partners and individuals should always aim not only to maximize profits but also to find legitimate ways to minimise tax burden and maximise their financial return and react to Cyprus tax planning opportunities and through international tax planning.

Their extensive experience in advising on both international and local tax issues over the years enable us to assist clients in dealing with complex tax issues.



– International and Cyprus tax planning.

– Corporate tax compliance.

– Preparation and submission of tax returns

– Employment tax


  • Accounting

– Maintenance and recording company transactions and reporting according to client’s needs (daily, weekly and monthly).

– Preparation of company financial statement under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) according to client’s request (monthly, quartetly, annually).

– Tax, VAT and corporation tax preparation including VIES and social Insurance.

– Submission of VAT returns and Payroll reports (IR7) to the authorities.

– Frequently meeting with management


  • Audit


Audit methodology has been developed based on the International Standards of Auditing (ISA) and can be customized by each client.

This consistent audit approach enables the firm (T.I.M. Geneva) professionals to understand and evaluate your business using common methods, offering a high quality service and also, it provides clients with a detailed and in-depth presentation of your business financial statement.


– Statutory and Shareholder requested audits.

– IFRS Implementation Audits.

– Reporting



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