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Navigator Consulting Group was founded in 1995 as an international consultancy specializing in business development and economic transformation in the changing global economy.

NAVIGATOR guides companies and institutions through strategic development, performance improvement and growth.


Originally founded in Athens, Greece, today they are headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus with operations in Athens, Greece; Dublin, Ireland; and Houston, Texas.


Their clients include multinational corporations as well as regional market leaders in such sectors as natural resources and building materials; food processing; fast-moving consumer goods; packaging; and other manufacturers.


They work extensively with buy-side organisations, including investment banks, private equity and venture capital firms and business angels and they have extensive experience with multilateral financial organisations including the European Bank for Reconstruction & Developent (EBRD), the European Investment Bank (EIB), the World Bank and others.





Investing in Cyprus can be attractive on the surface, but often beset with very practical difficulties. These include:

• Unreliable local partners;
• Slow processes and unclear decisions;
• A tendency to view foreign investors as “cash cows”.


NAVIGATOR provides a very different category of professional services in Cyprus:


1. Providing objective, high-value consultancy and advisory services;
2. Engaging in consultancy, they work transparently and professionally;
3. Keeping clients regularly informed with a realistic assessment and schedule of results;
4. No unilaterally changing the terms of our contract;
5. They do not promise what they cannot deliver;




1. Advising on investments: valuing property; valuing companies; reviewing business plans; commercial and financial due diligence;

2. Managing investment advisors: working with qualified accountants, auditors, lawyers, civil engineers and other specialists to check that companies or assets comply with national laws and regulations;

3. Supporting acquisitions: support for negotiations; structuring Sales and Purchase Agreements; assuring correct representation;

4. Supporting post-investment management: company management; restructuring; operations support; marketing support; monitoring; representation; financial analysis; staff training and development; managing subcontractors;

5. Market & competitive research: research on pricing; contract terms; demand; service requirements; regulatory requirements; feasibility studies; etc.


NAVIGATOR offers an integrated range of investment advisory services prior to, during and following the active stages of the investment cycle.

These range from the initial market assessment and opportunity analysis, to full-scale business plans, to selected services such as due diligence, risk analysis & mitigation, and monitoring of investments.

Since the foundation in 1995, company worked on over 180 investment projects, delivering some EUR 6 billion in invested resources.


Company supports investment decision-making through consultancy and analytical services such as:


  • Commercial due diligence;
  • Vendor due diligence;
  • Technical due diligence;
  • Legal due diligence;
  • Financial due diligence;
  • Environmental due diligence


NAVIGATOR also provides consultancy services in Cyprus related to:


• Cyprus Investor Citizenship Programme (discontinued from 01/11/2020)
• Cyprus Investor Resident Programme
• Cyprus Tech Residency Incentive
• High Net Worth Individual Incentives
• Cyprus Substance Solutions




The confidentiality of your operations is at the heart of any relationship with the clients.

They take active steps to ensure confidentiality, including data encryption, secure file storage and need-to-know access within the firm and outside it.




In any business relationship, they work towards short-term results and long-term client satisfaction. Company works with principals—both company owners and managers, and trusted intermediaries.

NAVIGATOR complies with certain regulatory requirements in Cyprus and the wider European Union.




Navigator Consulting specialises in the development of comprehensive business plans in Cyprus linked to dynamic financial models and forecasts.


Our business plans are used by sponsors as well as financing organisations to understand the medium- to long-term impact of specific investments, such as:

  •  financial restructuring, e.g. loan re-financing, recapitalisation, working capital increase, corporate turn-around;
  • Funding an increase in productive capacity, technology, facilities or other capital expenditure which results in an increase of outputs and productivity;
  • Implementing a greenfield investment, merger and acquisition or corporate take-over.





Working in conjunction with a range of external experts, NAVIGATOR undertakes the valuation of assets in Cyprus such as residential or commercial property.

The company valuation methods conform to international methods such as:


  • Discounted cash flow;
  • Market valuation;
  • Comparable asset valuation;
  • Multiples method.




NAVIGATOR provides an extensive range of market analysis service:


  • in-store retail audits, customer interviews;
  • customer focus groups;
  • supplier and competitor benchmarking;
  • online research;
  • sectoral modelling and analysis;
  • competitor intelligence and monitoring;
  • price analysis;
  • market forecasting and modelling.




Risk analysis is the process of quantifying and qualifying the dangers to a business or investment posed by anticipated or unanticipated events in the wider economic, social, political and natural environment.

Risk assessment can effectively be combined with Scenario Planning to more fully describe and understand the magnitude of the risk.






NAVIGATOR supports corporate restructuring, turn-around management and interim management of companies in Cyprus.

This includes:

• Post investment monitoring & support
• Restructuring business units, departments or organisations
• Developing corporate strategies and strategic monitoring frameworks
• Improving corporate governance
• Assuring executive recruitment and operations
• Turn-around management
• Asset spin-offs and sales
• Monitoring investment plan disbursement





NAVIGATOR  assists tech start-ups and established enterprises adapt to the digital world through web development and online service migration, including strategic audits, online migration and business strategy, online marketing, online sales, eCRM, corporate social networking, search engine optimization and more.




NAVIGATOR have advised large and small Cypriot companies as well as foreign investors entering the Cypriot market.

Their services are provided to individuals, companies and institutions.


About the Founder

In September 1995, Philip Ammerman co-founded Navigator Consulting Group with two partners.

Since then, he has implemented over 220 projects in 45 countries, with projects over € 6 billion in invested resources completed. Since our foundation, Navigator has advised companies and governments on investment-led growth, digital transformation, innovation and related services.

Since 2010, Philip has led the Navigator Entrepreneurship Charter, a commitment to support 1 start-up or social entrepreneur between 2010 and 2020. In this capacity, Philip acts as an early-stage angel investor and business mentor. Investments in 10 start-ups have been made, with capital amounts between € 10,000 –250,000. This is now being extended from 2021-2030.


In February 2018, Philip was appointed as Team Coordinator for Greece for the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD), to September 2019.


Philip also acts as regional advisor for Brookstreet Equity Partners, a private equity fund investing in innovative Greek enterprises . Brookstreet has invested in Nanophos, Terracom and Gizelis Robotics.


Philip is a non-executive board member of Redfin Capital, an asset management firm, and also acts as an evaluator for the European Commission’s Horizon SME I and II grant scheme.


In Spring 2019, Philip was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the University of Cyprus, Centre for Entrepreneurship. In addition to supporting the University of Cyprus, Philip is a trainer and consultant for the Research and Innovation Foundation of Cyprus, RISE, and Cyprus SEEDS.


ECN Business Intelligence
Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
NumenorCapital Partners


Contact Information


Classic House, Office 2
133 Makarios Avenue
Limassol 3085 Cyprus

Navigator Consulting Group
NavInvest Cyprus

Email: [email protected]



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