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30 Mar 2016
Anastasiades meets the President of the European Parliament

Шульц и Анастасиадис

Nicos Anastasides had a meeting with Martin Schultz in the Presidential Palace. The negotiations between Schultz and Anastasiades were conducted late due to the event in the Larnaca airport. According to KP, the Leaders condemned the terrorist attacks in Brussels and the hijacking of the plane.

After his visit, Schultz has made several statements.

More specifically, he stated that “The negotiations on the Cyprus problem, refugee crisis and ascension of Turkey to the EU – are three different topics which must not be combined together”. Moreover, the President of the European Parliament acknowledged the positive progress in the resolution of the Cyprus problem over the last two year and he stressed that Cyprus may play a role of stabilizing factor in the Mediterranean.

During his visit, Schultz also visited the Parliament of Cyprus and gave speech during the official session. Yesterday he visited the occupied territory where he met with the leader of the Turkish-Cypriots Mustafa Akinchi.