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31 Jul 2023
Kateryna Biloruska Foundation: equal opportunities and development support

The activities of charitable foundations play an essential role in supporting children’s full development and health. Every child, irrespective of their circumstances, can enjoy the benefits of physical activity and quality education.

The Kateryna Biloruska Foundation is a charitable organization created to develop and support children’s potential and favorable conditions, safe environment for growth and health. The foundation’s team develops and implements sports, recreational, educational, and rehabilitation programs and projects that enable children to reach their full potential and maintain their mental health.


Activities of the Kateryna Biloruska Foundation

The Foundation runs programs focusing on helping children during the war, children with disabilities, sick children, orphans, and children from low-income families.

Many children need help thoroughly studying and playing sports due to external circumstances. Psychological assistance to children is essential. The Kateryna Biloruska Charitable Foundation works systematically to support children’s mental health, unleash their sporting potential, and ensure their full development and rehabilitation.

The Foundation’s main goal is to reach as many children as possible by involving them in sports, physical activity and providing access to innovative education. At the same time, the family’s social status and opportunities are less important. The foundation pays special attention to children with special educational needs and disabilities. The Children’s Aid Foundation offers equal sports and physical education opportunities and provides psychological assistance to families with children with disabilities affected by Russia’s war against Ukraine.


A brief overview of the Foundation’s activities

Since its inception, the Foundation’s specialists and engaged experts have developed and successfully implemented projects and programs aimed at development, psychological support, physical rehabilitation, and sports.

For example, the comprehensive program “Yes, I Can!” was created to support children with special educational needs and disabilities through sports and physical activity. The program helps parents of children, unlocks and develops their sports potential, and socializes and integrates them, which is extremely important for children with disabilities.

The Sports Mentor program is designed for children in difficult life circumstances who do not have sufficient financial support from their parents, are in institutional care, have antisocial behavior, or show aggression.

Sports training in various sports under the supervision of an experienced coach allows them to

improve psychological health;
play favorite sport professionally;
direct energy into physical activity rather than risky actions;
have a positive role model of a mentor;
restore emotional balance.
Sports activities help eliminate negative experiences and lead a healthy lifestyle. The program allows you to go in for sports free of charge, participate in sports competitions, develop, meet outstanding athletes, and participate in joint activities and leisure time.

The “Boost4Best” initiative is a comprehensive program meticulously designed to bolster the growth and development of young Olympians in Cyprus. Recognizing the immense potential and talent these young athletes have, the program provides them with the necessary support and resources to excel in their respective sports.

Furthermore, the Kateryna Biloruska Foundation actively promotes restoring children’s mental health. The unique Mental Health program aims to overcome the negative and borderline consequences of a full-scale war in Ukraine. It includes several projects, including training for psychologists and social workers, fairy tale and art therapy projects. Therapeutic and coloring books can be used at home, in kindergartens, and schools. This helps professionals and parents understand the problem and learn how to provide first aid to children in crises.

All the foundation’s projects provide special attention, ensuring that all children have equal access to these opportunities. The Foundation is contributing to a healthier, more harmonious future generation.

To reduce the level of discrimination against children, especially during wartime, the B-RIGHT project was created, in which the foundation’s team organizes sports events and explains children’s rights through basketball exercises and sports games to create inclusive conditions for sports and beneficial development.

These are not all the programs and projects of the Kateryna Biloruska Foundation. You can learn more about the foundation’s activities on the official website,



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