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21 Sep 2020


So said the Minister of Education of the Republic of Cyprus Prodromos Prodromu.

The Ministry of Education is already drafting a bill to introduce teaching in foreign languages ​​in state universities. To implement the strategy of attracting additional students to the island and retaining locals, it is planned to create a special marketing agency by the end of 2020.

Today Cyprus is already in demand among international students. Students from all over the world come to the island. Based on statistics from the Ministry of Education of Cyprus, in 2012 the majority of students flew in from Greece, Great Britain and the United States, and the number of students from all over the world, including Russia, amounted to 21,473 thousand people per academic year.

Along with an increase in demand for education in Cypriot universities, in recent years, educational institutions have begun to appear on the island, offering high-quality and systemic additional education for schoolchildren, because changes in the school curriculum are rather slow.
One of the most striking examples is the international ROBOLAB school. The school first opened its doors to students in the spring of 2019 and currently has more than 300 children aged 5 to 17 studying in Russian, English and Greek.

It is the only school in Cyprus to provide high-tech courses for children and adolescents in programming, game design, sports robotics and 3D graphics. Experienced methodologists work on the school’s programs, classes are taught by professional teachers from Russia and Belarus. The school is equipped with modern equipment that allows students to work on the creation of computer games, as well as graphics for augmented and virtual reality.

The ROBOLAB school staff help parents choose the most suitable direction and course for each child, based on his wishes and interests. Another advantage of classes at Robolab School is the individual approach of teachers to students during lessons. The program is designed so that in a group, children are engaged in each at their own pace.

The teaching methodology is based on an interdisciplinary approach, as a result of which the child will gain new knowledge in mathematics, physics and natural science. The educational programs of the school allow children from 5 years old to do programming. Moving from one program to another, the child can progressively improve his level of computer skills and learn programming languages, moving from year to year to subsequent courses.

For older students planning to enroll in higher educational institutions in the specialties of Computer Science or Graphic Design, the school helps to prepare a portfolio of work, which undoubtedly increases the chances of admission and adds competitive advantages to the applicant, and the knowledge gained at Robolab school allows the student to more easily cope with the training program in university.

The result of one year at school is the creation of a final project that children can put up for a competition. In July 2020, the school held the first programming and 3D graphics tournament in Cyprus for children 5-17 years old, as we talked about earlier. It was attended by about 100 people. The main sponsor is the game dev company Wargaming.
So if your children spend a lot of time in gadgets and like to play computer games, bring them to trial free lessons that Robolab school offers from time to time. Children can try different courses and choose the one they like best. At Robolab school, they themselves will begin to create their own projects and earn their first pocket money!

Classes are held offline in Limassol and online throughout Cyprus.


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