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28 Feb 2017
Anastasiades sent a message to Turkey

Никос Анастасиадис

Anastasiades has sent a message out to the whole of Turkey and to Mustafa Akinc in particular. In his interview, the President of Cyprus said that he does not agree with minority making the decision and majority simply following that decision.

The matter concern the Presidency: “The resolution must secure the truly independent State and it the today’s tendency will remain, then the Turkish-Cypriot community will remain under Turkish rule, which will lead to decisions concerning Cyprus being made by other individuals and not Cypriots.”

Also Mr. Anastasiades said that the pause in negotiations is not related in any way to the conflict concerning Enosis. Even if the leaders will return to the negotiations table before the referendum in Turkey, there will be not progress, because Akinci is controlled by Turkey.

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