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21 Sep 2017
Anastassiadis announced the determination of the Greek Cypriots to continue negotiations


The President of Cyprus informed the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres within the framework of his participation in the UN General Assembly. In addition, President Anastassiadis held a number of bilateral meetings with his Egyptian counterpart, Prime Minister of Mauritius and the Foreign Ministers of Greece, China and Russia. As part of the discussion of the Cyprus issue, Russian Minister Sergei Lavrov supported efforts to reunite Cyprus.
Also, a meeting with the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry facilitated the speedy visit of the Cypriot president to Russia. The permanent secretary of the Cyprus diplomatic mission, Alexandros Zenon, has already confirmed the information that Anastassiadis will visit Russia in late October. It is expected that in Moscow the presidents of the two countries will sign a number of agreements.

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