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20 Sep 2016
August sets new records


The number of tourists coming to Cyprus has increased by 16,9%. Overall, approximately 460,000 tourists visited the island during the month, which never ever happened before.

The statistical data about the number of tourists who came from January until August is also impressive. In 8 months, a total of 2 196 017 tourists arrived to the island. During the same period of 2015, the number was significantly smaller – 1 842 700.

The British tourists are the leaders – with almost 33% of the total number of the visitors. They are followed by Russians, who have the 23% share, further followed by Israeli, Swedish, Lebanese and Greek tourists.

The gender distribution among the tourists is almost equal: 50,2% females and 49,8% males. Worth noting that the larges age group is 20-44 years (50,9%).

Data was provided by the Cystat’s Passengers Survey.