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14 Jun 2017
CAT P.A.W.S will help solving “cat problem” on CyBC territory


Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) has faced a problem related to the uncontrolled increase of cat population, who are literally occupying the territory of the company.

Meowing during the live broadcast had been noticed also by the regular viewers. Cat Protection and Welfare Society (CAT P.A.W.S) volunteered to help and solve the problem of uninvited fluffy guests in a humane way.

According to the assistance program, a special shelter will be created for these cute domesticated predators, where visitors will be able to bring water and food and leave it in a specially designated area. The program also includes sterilization and monitoring of cat population.

This applies to cats living on the territory of the organization, as well as those who are in close proximity to the office of the company.

Also, employees of both organizations will be looking for a permanent home for every cat living in the so-called mini-shelter.

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