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23 Mar 2016
Condolences to Belgium from Cyprus government

Серия терактов в Брюсселе

The government of Cyprus and Nicos Anastasiades personally have expressed their disgust with the terrorist attacks in Brussels, which led to the deaths and injuries of innocent people – including two citizens of Cyprus.

In his official statement, the President said that “such cowardly acts are only causing the disgust of the international community. Such actions only enforce the will for forceful actions to combat the international terrorism”.

The president and the government also extended their sincere condolences to the families of the victims, to the government and citizens of Belgium.

The president gave orders to provide all the necessary help and to allocate necessary funds for the two Cyprus citizens who were injured during the terrorist attacks.

Yesterday two terrorist attacks were made in Brussels – one in the airport and another one on the central station of the Underground. More than 10 people were killed and many were injured.