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15 May 2017
Cyprus and China sign an agreement for recognition of academic titles

Кипр и Китай

Academic degrees awarded by the Cypriot universities from now on will be recognized by China at the academic and professional levels. Similarly, diplomas granted by Chinese universities will be accepted in Cyprus.

The agreement was signed in Beijing as part of the official visit of the Minister of Education Costas Kadis to China. He also welcomed the suggestion of Chinese colleagues to open a Chinese Cultural Centre in Nicosia.

Cyprus education minister also represented the country at the large-scale summit “One Belt, One Road”, where more than 100 countries participated, including 29 heads of countries and government. The event started today with a scandal, when the representatives of the EU countries refused to sign the previously announced agreement with China.

The summit is held to discuss China’s global economic projects “Economic belt of the Silk Road” and the “Silk Road of the XXI century”.

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