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3 Nov 2016
Cyprus is the list of countries with the most residence permits issued to the foreigners

ВНЖ на Кипре

Cyprus took the 6th place in the rating of the countries in the EU with the ost residence permits issued to third country nationals.

According to the data obtained via the monitoring process which started in 2008 , last year was the record setting in the number of overall residence permits issued in the whole of the EU.

Overall in 2015, there were 2,5 million permits issued. 15 569 of those were issued in Cyprus.

The first place in the acquisition of the permits are the Russians with 2 069 permits (13,3%). The second place is with Syrians – 1 911 (12,3%) and third are citizens of Philippines with 1 565 permits (10,1%).

The first place in the EU rating was granted to UK, followed by Poland, France, Italy, Malta and Cyprus.