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23 Nov 2016
Cyprus Land Collaboration with Lemasia Football Academy

Сотрудничество Cyprus Land и Футбольной академии Lemasia

On Thursday 27th October 2016, Mr. Petr Iordosopol, The Commercial Director of Cyprus Land, and Stelios Michaelides, General Manager of Lemasia Football Academy have announced plans of the collaboration between The Lemasia Football Academy and Cyprus Land for the next three years.

Mr. Iordosopol mentioned that Cyprus Land, being the only Medieval Theme Park in Cyprus, offers a wide range of activities and entertainment for children and families, including the largest 3D island model in Europe. Cyprus Land also provides an interesting insight into the history and legends of Cyprus, offering a display of traditional Cypriot crafts and local products, various workshops on pottery and glass making, as well as knight duels and archery tournaments.

Being a part of The Lemasia Kids Academy, The Lemasia Football Academy aims to improve children’s football skills, keep them active, and teach them about ethics, respect and dignity. The Academy is proud of its young athletes, some of who are now competing in The Cyprus and CFA Championship, and have become members of The National Team. The Academy’s players also have the opportunity to play in the Youth National Teams.

Mr. Iordosopol emphasized that the cooperation between Cyprus Land and Lemasia Football Academy, will greatly benefit both sides. It will contribute to the education of children about Cypriot culture and traditions, as well as the promotion of a more active lifestyle.