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29 May 2017
Demonstration organized by Greek and Turkish Cypriots in Nicosia

Демонстрация в Никосии

Last Saturday, residents of Greek and Turkish Cypriots communities gathered in the old part of Nicosia, next to the Turkish border on Ledra Street, calling for a peaceful solution to the Cyprus problem.

The participants were holding posters saying “Peace Now”, “Help Us Reunite” and “We are Cypriots”. They sang Cypriot songs and marched, holding hands and demonstrating their will to live in a united the island.

The head of Greek-Cypriot technical committee for cultural heritage, Takis Hadjidemetriou, said on behalf of the community, that “We do not want barbed wire and cemeteries. We want peace and democracy. We want unity and reunification. ”

The participants intend to meet every day for a week in the same place to express their commitment to the society and government.

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