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21 Sep 2019
Drunk driver arrested after injuring girl

Police arrested a 56-year-old drunk driver after he hit and injured a nine-year-old girl in Limassol on Thursday afternoon.

The man was speeding when the car veered off the road and onto the pavement where the girl was walking.

The girl, who was slightly injured, was taken to Limassol hospital where she was treated in the A&E department and released.

A preliminary breathalyser administered to the driver showed a reading of 105µg instead of the permitted 22µg. He refused to be tested again and was arrested.

In a tweet on Friday, police said the incident was an example of daily violations that lead to serious or deadly traffic accidents.

“This was unfortunately confirmed once again yesterday afternoon when a nine-year-old girl was in imminent danger because of the irresponsible behaviour of a driver,” the tweet said.

source Cyprusmail


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