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1 Jun 2017
Fire broke out during military training

Лесной пожар

According to Cyprus Fire Service, two major fires were reported on the island in one day.

First fire happened, when Cyprus army was conducting exercises in the vicinity of the village of Kalo Chorio near Larnaka. The military personnel conducted planned shooting at targets. Suddenly, near the shooting range, the grass caught fire. Then the fire spread to the bushes and wild shrub. Six fire fighters and one helicopter tried to take fire under control. The fire was finally localized. In total, the fire destroyed 10 hectares of shrubs and wild vegetation.

Second incident occurred in Limassol in Mouttagiaka area. According to witnesses, one of residents was burning leaves, and when the wind changed its direction, the fire spread and almost reached the residential areas. Fortunately, fire helicopters quickly extinguished the fire, leaving no one hurt. In total, 2 hectares of carob trees and shrubs were burnt.

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