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Limassol is a modern business and resort city, which was a small industrial center of the island 50 years ago.

Plans for the development of Limassol are not only proposed for the construction of tourist infrastructure, and limited to the creation of several factories for the production of wine, beer and juices. Moreover, industrial production has been concentrated on the first line of the sea for easy transportation.

Now that Limassol has become the largest tourist destination, it creates some inconvenience, but the city authorities successfully solved the problems, and the city is becoming more beautiful and more convenient for residents and tourists from year to year.

Limassol’s unique location is an ultimate gift for the city. The city is located in the central part of the southern coast of Cyprus, being equally distant from the capital and the major cities of Nicosia, Larnaca and Paphos. The two international airports of Cyprus are also in easy reach from Limassol.


the old city of LimassolThe Mosque in the Old Citythe old city of Limassol

History and sights

Limassol is familiar with many of the great conquerors. The ancient city of Amathus and Kurion were destroyed by Richard the Lionheart. The name of the great king is linked to the main attraction of Limassol –  the ancient castle in the old town. Here, according to legend, Richard the Lionheart married with Berengaria of Navarre.

The ancient city of Amathus is rooted in the past, to a millennium before Christ.

Connoisseurs of antiquity can visit the Church of St. Christina, which was founded in the XII century in the village of Germasoyeia; the convent of St.Nicholas, which was founded in the IV century by the Byzantine Queen Helena. In Cyprus this monastery is called “Gaton» (Γατων, Greek. – “Cat”). This name is associated with a lot of cats in the monastery, which from ancient times to the present day successfully hunt snakes, preventing the excessive breeding of these poisonous reptiles on the island (the snakes on the island).

After King Richard, Limassol was owned by the Lusignans, Venetians, Ottomans and British. Preserved since then are the Cathedral and the Town Hall, designed by Benjamin Ganzburg, a Turkish mosque in the Old City and the Temple of St. Andronicus.

The latest “conquerors” of Limassol can confidently be called Russian (see more in our article “Russian Cyprus”).

Russian Limassol

cats in CyprusAccording to Census 2012, 240 thousand people live in Limassol, of whom 20 thousand Russians. According to unofficial statistics, the figure exceeds 40 thousand.

Every year the city is visited by about 700,000 tourists, of whom more than half are Russians.

For some, this is a plus for Limassol, for others – a minus. Often you can find the desire of the compatriots to find a place away from the Russians. It is difficult to explain even to themselves, let alone foreigners, but it is a fact.

On the other hand, in Limassol, it is the easiest to find any Russian language services ranging from nannies or cleaners to a lawyer or a doctor. Russian restaurants, shops, evening happenings and even whole neighborhoods – all in Limassol.

Beaches and hotels

The main tourist attraction of the city in terms of the concentration of tourists confidently is the beach line that begins at the Molos area downtown and ends at Le Meridien hotel . Its length exceeds 20 km.

Because of this, even in the height of summer season, each holiday-maker will find a beach to their taste, which is not too crowded.

Limassol beaches are mainly sandy with a gently sloping bottom, wave breakers and gray sand.

Among the hotels in Limassol the Four Seasons 5*can be distinguished , which is without doubt the best five-star hotel of the city, the beloved of wealthy tourists from Russia and other countries. There are wonderful breakfasts, fantastic Sunday buffets, wonderful restaurants and a unique atmosphere of bliss and luxury within it.


 Le Meridien hotel

A little bit old, but still good, family-run hotel is the Le Meridien 5*, which is like a small town with a good security system, giving the opportunity for a quiet holiday by the sea.  Le Meridien hotel offers a unique service, the Ultra All Inclusive.

It is worth paying attention to the renovated Amathus Limassol 5*, the Apollonia 5* and the Crown Plaza 4* (former Holiday Inn). Quite interesting also is the Londa Hotel 5*, which is a small boutique hotel that offers its customers exclusive service.


Ttraditional Cypriot Meze disheshe restaurant world of Limassol, is probably the most diverse on the island that will satisfy the most refined taste.

Numerous taverns, flashing signs along the main artery of the city in the tourist area, rarely offer high-quality service.

Usually it is a restaurant focused on tourists, with the corresponding unpretentious service and low quality food. No, you will not be poisoned, but the meat can be dry and the fish overcooked. Spend a little time reading our section of restaurants, we pay great attention to the restaurant category.

As part of this review, a few restaurants of Limassol that are impossible to avoid and not to pay attention to ill be mentioned: the Japanese Zen, the Chinese Chi, the tapas bar eStilo, the sports bar Chesters and the beach restaurant Malindi – five restaurants of the UpTown Square – a unique institution with the highest quality services and great food; the Columbia Steak House – the best steaks in the city; the Sailor’s Rest – a seafood restaurant in the St. Raphael marina.


Over the past 20 years, Limassol has developed not only in the direction of tourism but also as a business center.

This is where the offices of representatives of major Russian companies are. State lawyers are always ready to provide any service related to tax planning and finance. Privacy is the main rule in this world of peace and a lot of money.

The largest port of the island is located in the western part of the city, serving not only cargo ships but also passenger cruise ships. From Cyprus you can take cruises to the Greek islands, Egypt and Lebanon. Especially popular are cruises to Israel.

Real estate

apartments by the seaThe most expensive villas on the beach are in Limassol. Amounts with figures of seven zeros in euros are very real here.

The city is densely built up, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for developers to find free land. Tenants and buyers are offered properties to suit every taste – from small apartments to solid houses with parking.

One of the favorite parts of a wealthy Russian is Agios Tychonas district: solid mansions standing on the crest of a hill with a great view of the tourist part of town and the endless Mediterranean Sea from their windows.


Limassol offers several excellent private English schools: Heritage, Foley’s, Pascal and The Grammar School. There are Russian schools also: LITC, Pifagor and Morfosis.


the Limassol Marinaan ancient amphitheatre

A wide range of sports and music schools, dance and ballet studios, art studios, private tennis coaches, teachers of European languages, and other specialists in extra-curricular activities create ideal conditions for the formation of a fully developed program for your child.

Russian mothers living in Limassol, pass a year of driving many kilometers back and forth to lessons and activities and their lives are filled with concern about their favorite children.


Limassol's wine festivalLimassol is a great city for Cypriot standards; and of course, entertainment is all good. Club life is difficult to compare with London or Ibiza. Even Ayia Napa is much noisier in the summer. Yet all year in Limassol nightclubs, giving the needy the necessary entertainment (more in our Event section).

In Limassol it is easy to organize entertainment for children. Last year the local zoo reopened, after repairs were made. Of course, we will not see here a number of animals like in the Paphos’ zoo , not to mention the metropolitan zoo in Moscow, Berlin, London or Prague, but still there is something to see. For example, a crocodile, which, thanks to the special structure of the enclosure, can swim up to the visitor quite close.

Talking about entertainment in Limassol, you can not ignore one of the main festivals, which takes place every year since 1890. The Limassol Carnival is traditionally held in the last week before the beginning of Lent. In Russia, this period is called Maslenniza.

The festival traditionally begins with the election of the Carnival royalty (King and Queen). After the ceremonial release of ” the royal couple” the Carnival begins, which lasts for 10 days. Residents and visitors to the island are presented with one and a half weeks of colorful processions, concerts, music and dance.

This festival is the King of all.

If you plan your trip to the island in the last week of August, you can visit the annual wine festival, which is traditionally held in the central park of Limassol.

The wines of the new harvest just flow like water, and guests can only calculate their strengths, so do not forget to have a snack after each tasting.

Limassol is a diverse and multifaceted city in Cyprus. To someone the city-festivals and the city-dwellers  seem too vain and noisy, while others fall in love with them at first sight. Limassol, certainly not devoid of glamour and charm, must be looked at closely; we believe the city will not disappoint you.

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