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Mosaics in PaphosPaphos is he ancient capital of Cyprus. The town, located in the western part of the island, holds the charm of ancient Cyprus. There are not too crowded like in Limassol: the city is more like a civilized village.

Paphos has no traffic jams, the city is compact and can be reached at any point in about 15 minutes.

Today Paphos is actively developing as a tourist center. The city proudly bears the title of the European Capital of Culture 2017, and now is actively preparing for the upcoming festivities.

Paphos is located at the entrance of the unique nature reserve of  Akamas, which is a wonderful corner of untouched nature and wild beaches where turtles take their young. In the Akamas area there are some of the best trails for hiking enthusiasts with  fantastic sea views and views from the high cliffs.

Near Paphos is the second largest international airport of Cyprus.

History and sights

 Elysium hotelUnlike other tourist centers in Cyprus, Paphos has a colorful history dating back to antiquity. Paphos is mentioned in the Gospels. In the capital of Cyprus, the ancient city Paph during the first pilgrimage of the apostle Paul who came accompanied by St. Barnabas. This book tells the story of Acts (Acts. 13: 4-12).

At the heart of the tourist area – in Kato (lower) Paphos, there is a fragment of the column, which, according to the legend, the Apostle was flogged.

During this historical period (the beginning of our era) the historical site was placed in the center of Paphos, near the old port, and the port itself is well-preserved since the time of Ottoman rule, giving the fort of the XVI century a historical value.

In addition, it is a popular place for residents to walk: in the port there are the taverns and small cafes where you can sit with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and a plate of seafood looking at fishing vessels swaying rhythmically .

There is also organized entertainment for tourists and locals like the 7D-floating cinema “Nautilus”, renting motor boats, ships with a glass bottom and the central office of the company Sail First, which offers sailing courses and sailing yachts for rent.

Tombs of the Kings, the history of which goes to the pre-Christian period, the monastery of Saint Neophytos, which has caves with frescoes of the XII century, the cave of martyr Solomonia, the persecution of the early Christians – and this is not yet a complete list of relics, reflecting the history of one of the capitals of the ancient world. Read more in our article devoted to the attractions of Paphos.

Not far from Paphos is a place of pilgrimage for lovers – so-called “Aphrodite’s Stone” – a place where according to legend, the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite emerged from the sea. Near this place, named after another legend, is the Petra tou Romiou and the Kuklia village; the ruins of the ancient city Paleopafos lie here, among with the sanctuary of Aphrodite and the ancient temple of the Holy Virgin.


Paphos' old port

Russian Paphos

Paphos confidently can be called as the second “Russian city of Cyprus.” And if Limassol, which holds the title of the ”first”, has a lot of Russian working in the offices of Russian companies on temporary contracts, Paphos is more likely to be chosen as a “love forever.”

Paphos substantially is smaller than Limassol, and for this reason our people do not often try to organize their own business there. It is home for those who “have all earned” or entrepreneurs who have a business that is not associated with Cyprus.  Only a small number of Paphos’ fans remain, which  at their own risk trying to ennoble this hometown, are worthy of sincere respect.

Beaches and hotels

ancient ruins at PaphosAll the tourist life of Paphos’ is focused, as usual, near the coast. The line starts from the wonderful sandy beach of Atlantida hotel , where the fish tavern the same name exists, and runs along the old city beyond its borders and ends in the picturesque Coral Bay. There are no corals however, just a beautiful name and beautiful sandy beach.

Despite the length of a solid “development” of the coastline, it is quite difficult to find good sandy beaches in Paphos. There often come across the rocky bottom with a difficult entry into the water. It is said by the passionate activists of the party “Green” , that a rare species of plankton that lives in the waters near Paphos, has been an obstacle to the active work concerning the organization of high-quality user-friendly beaches in the area.

For a nice sandy beach, suitable for all, including children, in addition to the two mentioned above,  the municipal beach near the hotel Alexander the Great can be considered. As for the rest, each hotel solves the problem as they can, offering guests a little longer edge of the shore with a convenient entrance into the water.

Among the hotels in Paphos, you can select the new 5-star Elysium and the older ones – Almyra and Annabelle.

The rest of the hotels in Paphos offer decent service, as a rule, and the appropriate price level.


Paphos’ restaurant world is not as diverse as compared to Limassol’s.

In the tourist area there are ​​a lot of taverns, which do not often correspond to the highest standards. Restaurants oriented to tourists often offer unfussy service, the meat may be too dry and the fish overcooked. I offer my reviews for the selection of the best restaurants of the city.


houses by the sea at Paphos

Here we can mention a few decent restaurants that I recommend with a light heart: the classic Mediterranean tavern Palia Ilektriki; a restaurant with stunning views ofthe city and the Green Hill sea and the previously mentioned fish tavern Atlantida.

Real estate

As usual, the most expensive villas are located on the coast. In the historic center, private houses near the sea are practically absent.
The price of a house on the first line can vary from 1 up to 4-5 million.

Popular properties among the wealthy Russian  are in the area of ​​Coral Bay and St. George. There is a large Diaspora of British in Paphos and those of our fellow citizens who care about educated respectable neighbors, choose the village Peyia.

Those who are more concerned about the education of children or grandchildren typically select areas close to the school. There are few alternatives: the best school in the city – The International School of Paphos – a private English school with a classic English curriculum. Hence, the love of many Russian are the regions of Tala, Mesogi and Konia. Tala and Tsada are chosen also by those who appreciate the beautiful views and fresh air of the sea foothills.


the harbour in Paphos


As mentioned before, The International School of Paphos on school campus level and quality of teaching staff, is able to compete only with the best English schools in Limassol. Russian schools in Paphos however, I can not recommend.

Since numerous sports clubs, music schools, dance and ballet studios and various private teachers exist to tend the child after school, there is no problem in finding extra-curricular activities in Paphos.


Paphos is much more complicated concering this matter than Limassol. Paphos is sometimes called the city of pensioners, and this is partly true. It is not because of the age of the people living here, but because of their life priorities. It is not so much wanting to go to nightclubs and concerts; life in a small town can not be so stormy.


Sunset in Paphospart of the ancient town of Paphosconcerts in Paphos

Paphos has excellent opportunities for sports activities, including water sports: diving, sailing, kite surfing. Since Paphos is the center of the British diaspora on the island, this is where the biggest part of golf clubs are concentrated.

Families with children traditionally take on low-cost annual subscription to the Paphos zoo – the best zoo on the island, the perfect place for relaxing, walking and exploring the wildlife.

Paphos has a series of festivals -of tulips,of the flowering almonds,of flowers. An interesting addition is the annual Carnival.

Instead of an epilogue

Paphos, like an educated British gentleman, went away from the hustle and bustle. Leading measured life and having sports esthete, this city knows a lot about the beauty as well as all the secrets of love.

Its experience is large and multifaceted, painted with bright colors of its rich history, it is solid and restrained, but no, no, yes, it catches a glimpse of mischief, the laughter of children on the coastal roadway sweep and fade fast, the whisper of children’s feet returned the city to the former peace and quiet charm in which it is so much fun to live and raise children … just to live and enjoy every sunrise and every sunset, devoting time between work, children and love.

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