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Nicosia or Lefkosia is the capital and the center of Cyprus. Nicosia is the only capital in the world, divided into two parts by the “green line”.

Today Nicosia is the most populous city in Cyprus, with a population over 300 000 people.

The capital is located in the center of the island and is the only major city, located far from the coast. Currently, Nicosia is the main commercial, business and cultural center of Cyprus.

At the heart of the city – the picturesque old quarters –  international conferences and seminars, numerous fairs and major exhibitions are constantly held.

History and sights in Nicosia

the Venetian wall in Nicosia

First mentions of the city go back to 280 BC. In those days the city was called Ledra and was later renamed to Levkoteon. Nicosia became the capital of the island in the XI century, when the ruling Lusignans turned the city into a powerful fortress with royal residences and numerous churches.

Now Nicosia intricately combines a historical past and the bustle of a modern business center.

In the center of the city, which in the XVI century was surrounded by Venetian walls, there is a large number of museums and monuments, including the monument to Yuri Gagarin, which was founded in 2013. The old town of Nicosia still keeps a nostalgia of the past.

All guests of the capital note that the most attractive place is a restored quarter of Laiki Geitonia, which is open only for pedestrians. Here you can stroll through the narrow winding streets, admire the craftsmen’s workshops and numerous souvenir shops.

Without a doubt, a city with more than a thousand years of history worthy of attention. You can visit the museum of jewellery and plunge into the past, walk through the streets and admire the old balconies adorned with carved balconies, visit the Museum of Cyprus, which holds the largest collection of ancient times on the island, or sit in cafes.


Ataturk squarethe Archbishop's palaceLaiki Yitonia

For many years, visitors to the island were attracted by the Famagusta Gate, which is one of the entrances to the old city, the Folk Art Museum and the Byzantine Museum, the Cathedral of St. John, in which there are magnificent frescoes, the Archbishop’s Palace, the home of Haji Georgakisa, remaining the most beautiful house in Cyprus, as well as the mosque Omeriye (the only functioning Muslim mosque in the free part of the island).

Hotels in Nicosia

the Hilton hotelThere are only three 5* hotels in Nicosia. Among them the Hilton Cyprus 5 *should be mentioned, located in the business district near the international convention center. The hotel features a wide range of services: a beauty salon, a conference hall, a sports center, as well as some excellent restaurants.

A total of about 25 large international hotel chains are located in the capital of the island. Most hotels in the capital belong to the category of 3*.

Also in different parts of Nicosia, there is a large number of apartments and small hotels.

Restaurants in Nicosia

Restaurants in the capital will bring a real pleasure for the gourmet tourists. The selection of institutions with excellent cuisine in Nicosia is huge.

The most luxurious restaurant is considered to be Kalymnos, known for excellent fish dishes and seafood. The restaurant is very popular with guests, and local residents, although the prices are high enough.

For more affordable prices at a high level of service is at the restaurant Archontiko, located in the quarter  of Laiki Yitonia. It offers traditional Cypriot dishes, as well as a great range of wines from the best wineries of Cyprus.

Not far from the old part of town, surrounded by grape vines is the unique restaurant Rimi, offering guests an unusual combination of local and French cuisine. A feature of the institution is that the restaurant has no indoor hall, all the tables are set right on the street.

For those who want to fully enjoy the traditional culinary dishes of Cyprus, it is worth visiting Orpheas – a small restaurant located in the old town, as well as the traditional fish tavern Kavouri. These places are very popular among the Cypriots, so it is better to book a table in advance.


a restaurant in Nicosia

If you are already familiar with the national Cypriot cuisine and want to try something new, you can visit the restaurant Abu Faysal, serving Lebanese cuisine, or a real Mexican restaurant, the El Pueblo.

Fans of Chinese food should pay attention to the restaurant Chang’s China, it is considered one of the best Chinese restaurants in Cyprus. And food connoisseurs from France can go to a restaurant Bagatelle – a perfect specimen of the French cuisine.

In the capital of Cyprus even an Armenian restaurant can be found, which is located in the old part of the city is called «Erebuni».

Properties in Nicosia

a building in NicosiaDespite a substantial distance from the seacoast to Nicosia, real estate in Nicosia is actively being bought not only by locals but also by foreigners.

Property prices in Nicosia are quite comparable with the prices of the popular resorts of Cyprus. For example, a double apartment of about 70-80 sq.m. is worth about 200 thousand euro.

Prices for rental housing in Nicosia are slightly lower than in coastal cities. So, rentals for a 2-3 bedroom apartment can be found for 400-500 euro per month (water and electricity are charged separately).

Business and business life in Nicosia

Today Nicosia is the center of business life in Cyprus. Thereare branches of international companies located here (for example, the British Airways airlines,  the Emirates, the world’s leading business in car rentals Hertz and other leading enterprises and organizations), the main offices of the leading Cypriot companies (for example, the largest Law Agency Costas Tsirides & Co), government and non-profit organizations.

Here are the modern business centers and the main exhibition center of the country, where the largest international exhibitions (eg. the HORECA exhibition , dedicated to the hospitality industry, the wedding exhibition, the exhibition devoted to the problems of energy and other industries) are held annually.

Education in Nicosia

Cyprus has a leading position in the EU on the share of men among the working population who have higher education. Graduates from high school have the opportunity to choose whether they will receive higher education in Cyprus or in European universities (mainly in the UK).


University of Nicosia

In Cyprus, there are both public and private universities. Among the public universities, Nicosia University of Cyprus (University of Cyprus) should be mentioned  and the Open University of Cyprus. Also popular are the private universities – the University of Nicosia and Frederick University.

There are famous private English schools in Nicosia as well. The English School is one of the oldest schools in Cyprus.

Parents who plan to enroll their child in a Russian university, give preference for the Russian school at the Russian Embassy in Cyprus, where children are taught according to the Russian school programs (mainly educational program “School of Russia”) and are able to pass the exam  ЕГЭ in Cyprus.

Shopping in Nicosia

The Mall of CyprusIn Nicosia you can find all the major chain stores in Cyprus. At the entrance of the city there is the largest shopping center on the island The Mall of Cyprus, as well as the popular IKEA.

In Nicosia, there are several “shopping” streets (eg, Makarios, Griva Digeni, Digeni akrta, Stasikratu), where boutiques of famous designers are located. For example, some designers clothing and accessories such as Louis Vuitton and Hermes  can only be purchased in Nicosia.

Men’s branded clothing can be purchased in stores like Timinis or Camel Active, also in the capital, with a huge selection of women’s clothing.

On Sunday, any of Nicosia’s residents  go to the bazaar Gynaikopazaro, which in Greek means “women’s market”, where you can catch up with old friends, find out the latest gossip and buy cute souvenirs.

A grand capital

a souvenir shop in NicosiaNicosia is one of the fastest growing cities in Cyprus. Every year there are more great restaurants and entertainment venues that attract visitors to the capital of the island, and as for locals, the city gives excellent opportunities for business and the chance to plunge into the business life of the country.


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