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Ayia Napa – Cyprus

the Monastery in Ayia NapaAyia Napa – the former fishing village, which has been known since the Byzantine times, was reborn in the end of XX century, becoming a popular Mediterranean resort.

Not far from the city center, near the ancient settlement, is the Monastery of “Agia Napa”, which gave the city its name.

This place was built in the XIV century on the site where the miraculous icon of the Virgin was found.

Now the monastery is available to the public as a historical museum. It’s not a place where monks live and worship is conducted.

One can ask for a prayer before the miraculous icon of the Virgin in the temple, which was built 50 meters from the monastery, where  daily worship in the Greek language is conducted.

Cyprus beaches

Agia napa seaThe main tourist attraction of Ayia Napa, its “natural diamond”, which attracts tourists with children from around the world, especially from the UK, Sweden and Russia, as well as Cypriot families from around the island during vocations, are the beautiful beaches with the gently sloping bottom and the soft, “carpet” of the white sand.

Such wonderful conditions for holiday will not be found on the beaches in Larnaca and also not in Limassol. Boasting with equally beautiful beaches is the neighboring Protaras.

All the “golden” beaches of Ayia Napa are awarded with blue flags of the EU, confirming that environmental standards and infrastructure around the beaches fully comply with EU standards.

Nissi Beach is 2 km long and is one of the most popular beaches in Ayia Napa. It is located next to Adams hotel. The beach is very popular with clubbers (fans of clubbing and night life) and at the height of the summer season can be overloaded. For this reason, it is not the best place for a family holiday.

For tourists with children the beaches in the harbor Limanaki are preferred: Pantahou and the new “Golden” beach.

Ayai Napa night clubs

Ночной клуб на КипреThe unique nightlife of Ayia Napa, which is the second “jewel” of the resort of Cyprus, begins around midnight on the so-called Club street, where every fan of “night hangouts” find a place to match their taste. Disco nights, usually beginning in the clubs, smoothly extend into the streets, creating a feeling of eternal holiday and merry carnival.

Those who prefer having fun during the day and sleep at night, will not really enjoy this.

For this reason, when planning a holiday in Ayia Napa, it is very important to choose the right hotel. If you are coming here for the sea and the white sandy beaches, try to book a place away from the noisy discos, most of which are located in the historic city center.

4 stars Asterias Beach and the sandy beach Makronisos is a typical example of  a “quiet” hotel.

As “noisy” as  Ayia Napa is in the summer, it becomes just as “quiet” in the winter months. The town literally “hibernates” and even Christmas and New Year holidays do not seem to awake the “Mecca” of the summer night life of the island.

Attractions in Ayia Napa

A copy of the Greek ship "Kyrenia-Eleftheria"

  • The Ayia Napa aqueduct, built during the Roman era.
  • Cape Cavo Greco – a unique national park area of ​​380 hectares with rare species of plants and animals.
  • Makronisos Tombs.
  • Park Parko Paliatso – an entertainment and gaming center for children.
  • Ayia Napa Monastery.
  • Maritime Museum, which presents the original copy of the Greek ship “Kyrenia-Eleftheria”, which sank in the IV century BC off the coast of Cyprus. Recreated by craftsmen, the exhibitional shipwreck fascinates visitors, transmitting the tragedy of that historical moment.
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