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Kite surfing in Cyprus: Catching the Wind

Kite surfing came to Cyprus relatively recently but is growing quickly in popularity, attracting more and more young people. The sport involves surfing the water with the help of a parachute (or kite) hence ‘kite-surfing’.

A Bit of History

Kite surfing in CyprusAlthough this type of sport is fairly young, it’s rooted in ancient history, with people using them to fish.  It’s believed the first kites appeared on the islands of Polynesia and Micronesia or China, where fragments of a 3,000 year old kite were discovered.

The kite has had a long history and has had many uses before becoming the basis for this modern sport. In the 90’s, an American named Bill Rosler obtained a patent for a system consisting of water skis and a dual-link kite, whilst simultaneously in France, the Legaignoux brothers were working on a kite with an inflatable balloon.  By the end of the 90’s people in Hawaii were all using kites to surf and catch the wind.

It was 5 years ago that a large bright parachute on a beach attracted genuine interest, and now there are more than 200 people in the local kiters’ community who take part in this sport, regardless of the season.

Kite surfing in Cyprus. ParamaliKite surfing seasons

,The number of kiters increases significantly in the summer thanks to tourists, which is no surprise as Cyprus is a real kiter’s paradise. Since the main constituent for this sport is wind, the best time is between April and October.

Moreover, if you come to kite in April practically any beach in Cyprus will be at your entire disposal, and as there are no legal regulations regarding the sport itself, no certification is required. In July-August the situation changes оf course and you will be required to keep away from populated beaches.

Kite surfing schools in Cyprus

Several kiting schools have opened up recently, six of them in Limassol – Crest Watersports, Eight Smileys, Cyprus-Wind, Kiteboarding Cyprus, Griffes KiteFlex, MakWind Kitesurfing. Тhere is also one school just outside Larnaca – Kitemed, and оne in Paphos – Crystal Kitesurfing.  They provide training and hire out equipment.

The cost of training ranges from €300 – €400 for 8-12 hours, depending on the level. Age also matters.  Since this is an extreme sport, training starts at 12 years of age, whilst written permission from a parent is required for those under the age of 18.


Kite surfing in CyprusKite surfing in Cyprus

To hire the actual kiting equipment, documentation proving your skills, preferably from the International Kiting Organisation (IKO), will have to be produced.  The cost of equipment is roughly the same in all the clubs, although it may be a little more expensive in Limassol.

A full set of equipment for 1 day will cost around €55, but will be significantly less if you hire for several days.  A new kind of service has also recently appeared – kite surfing safari, where a coach will assist you whilst you are surfing and be available should you need help.

Popular sites

Kite surfing in CyprusThe most popular kiting sites are considered to be the beach near St. Raphael hotel and Ladies’ Mile beach in Limassol.

Ladies’ Mile beach is especially good for beginners – sandy and with a wide ribbon of shallow water near the shore. There is a similar place not far from Larnaca, near the airport. A beach near the Helios hotel in Paphos is suitable for the more experienced kiter.

There is also the fabulous bay of Paramali, which is located on the way from Limassol to Paphos. The huge sandy beach, azure sea and the absence of people on the beach, even in the summer, makes this place ideal for kite surfing, but you have to have a certain level of skill to surf at Paramali to avoid being dashed onto the peaked rocks that surround the beach.

As with any kind of extreme sports, you should never forget about safety, and if travelling alone it’s best to join a group of likeminded ‘kiting’ people.  So, for those who love outdoor sports, travelling and testing their strength and endurance – we invite you to Cyprus to catch the wind!


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