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Weather in Cyprus in July

Air temperature
29 - 33ос
Water temperature
29 - 33ос

July in Cyprus is considered to be the most eventful month in the tourist season. But those who have difficulty in tolerating the heat, had better refrain from visiting the island during this time of the year, since it is too hot.

Air and sea temperature in Cyprus in July

In July, Cyprus is hot, the air temperature is +33°С — +35°С during the day (the average temperatures are +29°С — +32°C) and falls only to  +20°С — +23°C at night. Even in the morning the thermometer often reaches  +25°С — +27°C.

You cannot be saved by the heat even in the sea and swimming pools, as here, the temperature is very high: about +27°С — +30°C in pools and in the sea +25°C.


beautiful landscapes for relaxing by the seaamazing beaches in Cyprusdiving in Cyprus

However, this has its advantages,  since “waterfowl” children can enjoy beach and pool days endlessly and you do not have to worry that they will come down with a cold. Furthermore, in the coastal areas of Cyprus humidity is considerably lower than in Turkey and Greece, so the heat is tolerated much easier.

With the breeze blowing from the sea, even in hot weather, staying on the beach becomes comfortable. But do not forget to use sunscreen, especially in the first few days so as not to get sun burnt. to ease your mind, all the necessary protective lotions for children (with a sun protection factor of 50) and adults (a minimum protection factor in the early days of 30) can be purchased on the spot.

Cyprus has to offer sunscreens of well-known brands ranging from Lancaster, Dior and other luxury brands to Nivea and Garnier.A Greek brand is also widely represented, designed for the local climate. The price of ordinary sunscreen brands is around 6-10 euro and you can safely buy them anywhere near the hotel at the “periptera” (kiosks).

Weather in Ayia Napa in July

Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa

Those who like the heat will love the summer weather in Ayia Napa. The average air temperature at this time stays above 22°C, while the highest temperature at the end of July can reach 34°C or more.

July in Ayia Napa is the perfect time to enjoy water sports, such as catamarans and parachutes, kayaking, swimming, fishing and snorkelling. The water temperature in Ayia Napa in July reaches +27°C.

Those who like beach entertainment and foam parties won’t be bored as there is Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa, one of the most popular in southern Cyprus.

Weather in Protaras in July

Protaras is also a perfect place to enjoy the summer heat and July is the best month for long swims in the pool or sea. Evening temperatures here rarely drop below 25°C, and the sea temperature warms up to + 27°C.

Protaras, unlike its neighbour, Ayia Napa, boasts a vibrant nightlife, and there are many bars and entertainment venues for tourists. The beaches of Protaras are rightly considered the most comfortable in southern Cyprus.

Weather in Larnaca in July

Mackenzie in Larnaca

Without a doubt, July in Larnaca is one of the peak months of the tourist season, and it’s a perfect time for a beach holiday and enjoying the night life.

Daytime air temperatures by the end of July in Larnaca rise to the level of 31°C — 33°C and there is a pleasant, warm summer wind. In July, the skies of Cyprus are clear and cloud free. The average sea temperature in Larnaca in July is +28°C.

Weather in Limassol in July

July in Limassol is one of the hottest months of summer. The sand on the beach heats up and sitting out without an umbrella is practically impossible. By the end of July, the temperature of the sea in Limassol is like bath water, reaching around 28°C.

July is the best time for trips into the mountains, where the average daily temperature is 5-7 degrees lower than on the coast.

Weather in Paphos in July

Paphos in July – hot during the day but comfortable at night. During this month you will mainly need lightweight clothes and shoes, and the coolest place in the city will be your own room.

Better to leave excursions to the ancient sights of Paphos until the evening, and during the day enjoy swimming, snorkelling and other water sports. Don’t forget to take a boat trip to Akamas.

What to do in Cyprus in July?

Kikkos monasteryHot weather does not allow you to embark on long-term excursions. But if you still want to get acquainted with the culture of Cyprus, then pay attention to sightseeing tours in the Troodos mountains. For example, take a grand tour of the Kykkos Monastery while visiting the nearby villages and olive farms. It is in the mountains that you will find the desired cool temperature, because even in summer the temperature there is 10 degrees lower than on the coast. During the trip, you can also enjoy the views and the scent of pine trees, a special kind that grows only in the mountains in Cyprus.

The price for a trip to the monastery of Kykkos from Limassol, Paphos and Ayia Napa is about 75 euros per adult and 40 euros per child. As a rule, the trip takes a full day and includes lunch at one of the mountain taverns.

The most pleasant time in July will be spent on the beach, doing water sports. Paragliding, kite surfing, windsurfing and many other activities are the options you can choose from. Diving is especially popular in Cyprus. There are many ‘schools’ for teaching you how to dive in the hotels and in Ayia Napa specifically in 2013 an artificial reef from a submerged ship was created to facilitate the whole idea of diving tutorials.

One dive per day in Cyprus will cost 25-30 euros, and a package of 10 dives (5 days) will cost around 180-200 euros. Especially interesting for professionals is a trip to the Cypriot “Titanic” – the ferry “Zinobiya” shipwrecked in 1980. This trip will be paid in addition and costs around 100 euros for 2 dives per day.

In July, Cyprus’ nightlife  in Limassol, Paphos, Ayia Napa and Protaras never stops. Bars and discotheques, including  open-air clubs and foam parties on the beach are at the tourists disposal. The vibrant music is heard everywhere.

Festivals in Cyprus

Kourion ancient theatreIn July, Cyprus will give you not only the perfect temeratures to enjoy the beach but also an extensive entertainment program. At this time of the year there are a variety of concerts, celebrations and festivals.

Beer lovers can enjoy the Beer Festival in Limassol. It takes place in the second half of July and for three days the city becomes the epicenter of a variety of celebrations. During the beer festival in the squares of the city, music pop stars and famous DJs warm up the audience with rousing songs.

Throughout July, in the ancient amphitheater Kourion  the Dramatic Art evenings are continued, which began in June. In the open area, you can watch and enjoy the spectacular views of this place as well as the perfomances.

Another interesting event takes place in July in some Cypriot villages. This event in particular will appeal to wine lovers. The Commandaria Festival, named after the famous and the oldest in the world, the Cypriot fortified wine. During the festival, you can enjoy traditional Cypriot delicacies and sweets and take part in the interesting national dances.

Prices for holidays in Cyprus in July

hotels in CyprusIn July, Cyprus is very popular among tourists, despite the hot weather. Hotel prices, compared to May and June, raise by 10-30%. In addition, in early July, trips to Cyprus are cheaper than at the end.

For example, if the cost of a double room in the period up to 15th July  at 4 * hotel in Limassol costs 144 euros per night for two, after 15th July, the price is increased by 30% and amounts to 189 euros per night for two. Prices for restaurants and entertainment in Cyprus in July do not differ in comparison to other summer months.

But the price of shopping in Cyprus in July, will  pleasantly surprise you: it is in this period that the summer sales begin and prices in the shopping centers fall to 40-80%. Therefore, the cost of hotels wll be more than compensated by a successful purchase.

In conclusion, when trying to answer the question: “Should I go to Cyprus in July?” this should be borne in mind; if you’re a fan of the sun and hot weather and if you want to happily spend your days on the beach, or even the nights, then July is definitely your month!

Guest Reviews about the weather in July

Dear travellers! Were you in Cyprus in July? How did you find the weather? Did you make any surprising discoveries you would like share? If so, please give us your feedback on the weather in the comments below.

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