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Weather in Cyprus in May

Air temperature
23 - 27ос
Water temperature
20 - 25ос

Pafos' Panorama in MayEvery year more and more of our compatriots spend the May holidays in Cyprus, so if you want to visit the island at this time, take care of your air tickets and hotel reservations in advance.

Chartered flights start in May. Direct flights from Russia to Cyprus carried out from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg, Samara and Ufa.

In May, Cyprus is truly excellent: there is no sweltering heat, the sea has warmed, the sun and fruit are in abundance; the ripe strawberries’ fragrance envelop the entire island.

Air and sea temperature in Cyprus in May

At the beginning of May, Cyprus formally opens for the new season. Places of entertainment, which were closed for the winter, come back to life. The Cypriot hospitality starts in full force. Cyprus opens its arms to warmly embrace us all!

In May the daytime temperatures in Cyprus rise at about +23-26°C, but the water in the sea at the beginning of May is still quite cool (about +20°C). The water warms up closer to the end of May at about +22-23°C.

Rainfall in Cyprus in May is rare. For the entire month a total of 2-3 rainy days might occur. Please note: in the evening the night air temperature drops in Cyprus in May; it could fall to +14-16°C, so be sure to bring along a light sweater or jacket.

Weather in Ayia Napa in May

Cape Greko

The unofficial start of the tourist season begins in May in Ayia Napa, where the weather is often the warmest in southern Cyprus. All the coastal areas are ready for an influx of visitors, and in the afternoon you can safely go to the beach.

On bright days the daytime temperature can reach 27°C, the average night temperature hovers around 15°C. Because this is very early in the summer you should expect some rain, especially in the first half of May.

Weather in Protaras in May

The tourist season in Protaras is confidently gaining pace. May in Protaras is the first month having an overall average daily temperature above 20°C.

It’s warm, but not extremely hot, and the sunny weather means you can walk to the beach or relax by the pool. For the evening walks you may need a light sweater or windbreaker. It rarely rains in early May, in Protaras.

Weather in Larnaca in May

Larnaca in May has the highest sea temperature on the coast of southern Cyprus, the average reaching 22°C. The air temperature is also a couple of degrees higher than, say, Paphos, and in the afternoon it may rise to 25°C — 27°C.
At the end of May in Larnaca, all city beaches are operating, and the summer night clubs and cafes begin to open from the beginning of the month.

Dasoudi Beach - LimassolWeather in Limassol in May

In May begins the influx of tourists to Limassol, so the prices for hotels and car rentals rise.

May is the first really warm month in Limassol. Daytimes are already comfortable, but there is often a cool breeze in the evenings. Rain in Limassol in May is a rare phenomenon that appears mainly in the first half of the month.

Weather in Paphos in May

The last month of spring in Paphos is usually warm, but not hot. Average daytime temperatures rarely exceed 24°C and the average night minimum is 14°C. Occasionally hot air flows in from North Africa raising the air temperature to +35°C.

May is the beginning of the summer fruit season, and all water parks in Cyprus are fully operational. However, the sea water temperature in Paphos does not exceed 20°C.

Festivals in Cyprus in May

the ''Anthestiriya''In May, two well-known and very beautiful festivals are held in Cyprus: the Festival of Flowers “Anthestiriya” and “European Dance Festival.”

The main cities for the flower festivals are Limassol and Paphos.

The “Anthestiriya” is at the heart of ancient religious beliefs. According to pagan mythology, Dionysus dies every autumn and is reborn in the spring. The revival of the god of wine, and with it the renewal of nature and all living things is celebrated during the flower festival.

Flowers in Cyprus are expensive compared to other European countries. Only during the “Anthestiriya” it can be cheaper to buy flowers. Cypriots rush to take advantage of this opportunity; it is considered rude not to give flowers to your loved ones on this day.

The festival “Anthestiriya” is held in Cyprus in the first half of May. It is interesting also that during the festival at the fairs in Paphos and Limassol, a lot of plants that are found only in Cyprus are sold. Of course only your presence at the festival is enough to provide an opportunity to cheer yourself up, because of the festive and friendly atmosphere.

On the day of the “Anthestiriya” the city is changed beyond recognition: Limassol and Paphos are decorated with floral panels, including religious themes and exhibitions of flowers are everywhere. Event the center becomes the central flower fair, but closer to the middle of the day there is an organized parade. All day in the city bustles with cheerful music, there are workshop tents with treats and rides for children. This festival is held on a grand scale!

“The European Dance Festival” in Cyprus is traditionally held in Limassol. All guests can take part in the enchanting view: there are mixed modern club dances, classical genres, exotic choreographies. All participants have the opportunity not only to see how the professionals dance, but also to gain valuable experience: to learn to dance, share experiences, participate in group lessons from experienced dancers.

May holidays in Cyprus: prices

the Waterpark in CyprusDiscounts during the May holidays are practically absent. A significant number of tourists from all over the world flock to the cozy island. Holidays in Cyprus in May are not as cheap as in the early spring: the bathing season is opened, and the hotels are as full as they are during summer. Prices for food and entertainment are comparable to the prices during the high season.

Prices for holidays  in May start from 20 000 rubles per person for a week of rest in a 3 * hotel with meals and flights and may go up  to 40 000 – 80 000 rubles per person per week at the level of 4-5 * hotels.

Prices for fruits in Cyprus in May, begin to decline, there are local strawberries (about 3-4 euros per 1 kg) and watermelon (about 0.5 euro per 1 kg). Prices for restaurants are comparable in May with summer: the cost of lunch or dinner in a good restaurant is about 30 euros per person with wine.

Things to do in Cyprus in May?

Cyprus YachtingIf you are in Cyprus with children, you have already been introduced to all the water parks, zoos and amusement parks which open in May (more on holiday with children in Cyprus). They flock to the sea route pirate ships, which produces a variety of entertainment for children.

Cyprus in May – the ideal time to visit historical attractions: the ancient ruins; famous castles where you can admire the frescoes (eg, The Tombs of the Kings – royal tombs near Paphos); beautiful natural sites. May is good even for leisure walks through the neighborhood, because in the summer the temperature is sufficiently high, and walking is not always comfortable.

Entertainment enthusiasts can take part in a jeep safari to the peninsula “Akamas” or in the remote corners of the Troodos Mountains. They can also catch octopus on a sea fishing expedition, go fishing on board of a boat or yacht, rent a sailing yacht, do water sports or simply rent a little buggy and ride with the wind in the surrounding tourist towns.

The best time to visit Cyprus depends on what each of us chooses. The island is beautiful at any time of the year. But if you appreciate the bright spring sun without sweltering heat, the little opportunity to enjoy the cool spring breeze on the beach, it is likely that May will become your favorite month in Cyprus.

Guest Reviews about the weather in May

Dear travellers! Were you in Cyprus in November? How did you find the weather? Did you make any surprising discoveries you would like share? If so, please give us your feedback on the weather in the comments below.

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