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Weather in Cyprus in February

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14 - 16ос
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In February, Cyprus is worth a visit for those who want to enjoy the beautiful nature landscapes and appreciate all the advantages of a Mediterranean paradise without suffering at the same time from the sweltering heat. In this month Cyprus is still quiet and calm, far from the opening of the beach season yet, but you can participate in a variety of fun and recharge your batteries with fresh fruit.

Cеверный КипрAir and sea temperature in Cyprus in January

In February, Cyprus almost has the same temperature for water and air. The average daytime temperature is kept at +14°С — +16°C, and the water in the sea  at about +16°C. The impression of theholidays can be spoiled by the occasional winter rains, but they are usually short-lived.

The island begins to riotously bloom: everywhere magic pink almond trees “light up” and the locals claim that this unique spectacle can not be seen at any other time of the year.

Weather in Ayia Napa in February

February in Ayia Napa is a little warmer than January. Although the average temperature remains at 12°C, the daily maximum rises to a level of 17°C, making walking around quite comfortable.

Despite a slight increase in air temperature, the water temperature has decreased to 1°C, reaching its lowest level +16° C in February and March.

Kourion, LimassolWeather in Protaras in February

You can expect rain, sudden gusts of wind and stormy seas in February, in Protaras. The water temperature is comparable to the temperature of Ayia Napa.

Daylight hours have increased, allowing the winter sun to warm up the air, and t-shirts can be worn in the afternoon. At night, it’s not out of place to wear shoes and a jacket as the air temperature can drop to 6°C — 7°C.

Weather in Larnaca in February

Winter in Larnaca – this is the season of flamingos. Larnaca Salt Lake is dotted with birds of unusual colours. The average daily temperature in Larnaca in February is 16°C.

Despite the fact that February is one of the coldest months in Cyprus, the temperature is significantly above the average temperature of southern Russia. Larnaca in February is a time for leisurely walks on sunny days, and intimate gatherings in the city’s many cafes and restaurants during the inclement weather.

Ночной клубWeather in Limassol in February

In the last month of winter in Limassol, in spite of increased sun, there is still a high probability of rain. The air warms up to around 16°C during the day and drops to +8° C at night, so a set of warm clothing will be very helpful.

Despite the fact that most the summer schools are closed in winter, life in Limassol continues to thrive in January and February. Limassol is one of the most popular cities in southern Cyprus for the winter holidays.

Weather in Paphos in February

According to statistics, February is considered one of the coldest and wettest winter months in the Paphos region. The average number of rainy days is around 11 days, but this varies depending on air currents.

Nevertheless, the type of rain alters, and we see short showers, and the wind steadily clears the sky, letting the bright sun peek out. The quiet atmosphere of the resort and low prices for accommodation in hotels and apartments traditionally attracts older tourists.

Holidays in Cyprus

The tourist infrastructure in Cyprus this month is unevenly distributed. As in other winter months, life never stops in Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca. You can also go to Nicosia, including a visit to so-called Northern Cyprus, and enjoy the spectacular views of this inaccesible, until recent, territory.

What can you do in Cyprus in February?

In the coastal cities nightlife flourishes, with numerous nightclubs beckoning guests to a variety of programs featuring the most popular DJs.

Comfortably inspect the various attractions of the island; you can walk to the beach and sit in silence on the beach, enjoying the calm sea breeze.


the ancient amphitheatre Kourion in Limassol during the winter monthsnightlife during winter

But not only the comfortable weather attracts people to Cyprus in February. During this time, a series of endless festivals devoted to the most diverse themes begin: flowers, strawberries, beer, wine, village festivals, the tulip festival. Some of them take place in February.

Most cities widely and colorfully celebratethe World Day of lovers – 14th February.

In February it’s also time for the largest carnival – Apokreo (Apokriya), where everywhere there are costumed people and colorful parades. Events are held during this period,with the Carnival marking the beginning of Lent (in Russia – Mardi Gras).

Carnival celebrationsLimassol becomes the main site of action, but other similar celebrations are also held in Larnaca, Nicosia and Paphos.

The Carnival lasts for 10 days and ends with the so-called Cheese week (Tyrini) – the last before Lent.

During the festival there are costume parties held in Cyprus, children’s parades and serenade performances by singers .The last event is a grand parade in Limassol, where the main street of the city – Makarios Avenue- is transformed to an endless slowly-moving parade procession, with the carnival chariots decorated with flowers and ornaments.

Excursions in Cyprus in February

Northern CyprusExcursions in Cyprus to cultural and historical sites are especially popular in February.

During this period, you can go on a trip to Paphos and get acquainted with the legends of the ancient capital of Cyprus. Along the way, you can make a stop at the ancient city of Kourion, admiring the sea from a height.

After relaxing in the warm sun, you can go sightseeing in the Troodos mountains, pass through the ancient mountain villages and make a stop at the traditional taverns on the mountains, where you can enjoy a meal by the fire.

One can also have a fascinating trip to Nicosia, to see the world’s only divided capital, located in the center of the island. From Nicosia, you can go to Kyrenia, located in the territory of  the occupied Northern Cyprus, or to Famagusta and enjoy the fantastic sea views and clear turquoise waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

The cost of these excursions varies from 60 to 80 euros per adult. Those who want to dig deeper into the history and culture of the island can take a trip on their own, by renting a car or book an individual tour (250-300 euro per group of up to 4 people).

When on an individual tour on the route “Orthodox Cyprus”, you can visit the church of Saints Cyprian and Justina, where the relics of St. Cyprian and the Martyr Justin are. These saints are asked by the locals to protect against attacks of the dark spiritual forces.

The temple of Our Lady Asinou is under UNESCO protection. During the tour you can also have a visit to Trooditissa Monastery, which houses an icon of the Mother of God of the same name. The monastery also houses the ancient belt of the Virgin Mary, which is associated with the ritual of healing infertility by the faithful locals.

Prices for holidays in Cyprus in February

In February, the “winter” rates still apply Cyprus. The island is preparing for the beach season and prices of hotels and restaurants are still the lowest in the whole year.


Hotels in Cyprus

Holidays in Cyprus in February will cost you about 400-500 euros per person for 7 nights in a 3 * hotel with a flight from Moscow, and transfer and the “half-board” option (breakfast and dinner). The cost of holidays in a 5* hotel starts from 800 euros per person for 7 days.

In February,  the season of grand sales starts in Cyprus. In most stores the prices drop by 70-80%. Boutiques, malls, fur shops and jewellery shops are full of bargains. So your stay in Cyprus can bring not only spiritual satisfaction of seeing the sea and nature, but also an opportunity to significantly save money and prepare for the spring-summer season.

Generally, if you’re a fan of a relaxing holiday and you want a break from the frost and from Russia while enjoying the rapid blossoming of trees, experiencing real spring, then be sure to come to Cyprus in February!

Guest Reviews about the weather in February

Dear travellers! Were you in Cyprus in February? How did you find the weather? Did you make any surprising discoveries you would like share? If so, please give us your feedback on the weather in the comments below.

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