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Weather in Cyprus in September

Air temperature
23 - 27ос
Water temperature
20 - 25ос

The calendar reached its last summer day. In Europe, rain, falling leaves, and a cooler weather arrive. However, in Cyprus only sultry time is over, which forced the local residents to leave the island for a while. Summer starts now: a soft, gentle, comfortable season, called the velvet season.

Cyprus’ hotels are left with regret and hope for a return by the departed families with children and the young people, for whom it’s time to get ready for the new school year and to return back to their jobs. Around the pool and on the beaches silence and tranquility reign: the respectable British sipping cocktails, driving conversations leisurely.

Quiet evenings; in the tourist areas of the cities there are noticeably fewer tourists now, but all the restaurants are still operating.

Air and sea temperature in Cyprus in September

The day is still quite hot. The temperatures hover around +30°C, but the evening is already cooler, but not cold – about +20°С — +23°С. Dinner in taverns at a table on the veranda will leave wonderful memories. Taking a light jacket only makes sense for night trips to the mountains.


Weather in September

The hot summer warmed the water to a comfortable + 25°С — +26°C. You can soak in the water as much as you want, it is impossible to freeze! An evening swim, when the water is much warmer than the surrounding air will give you a particular pleasure. The day becomes noticeably shorter. As for the water surface at about seven o’clock in the evening, it’s a fascinating spectacle on the eve of a gala dinner.

Weather in Ayia Napa in September

In early September the weather in Ayia Napa may be close to August temperatures, but the days become much shorter, and the evenings come with a long-awaited coolness. The number of visitors of night clubs and bars of Ayia Napa reduces, but in spite of this most entertainment places continue to operate in summer mode.

Late September in Ayia Napa is the velvet season with average daytime temperatures around 26°C, 2 degrees cooler than in July and August. The average sea temperature stays around 26°C — 28°C, making it comfortable to swim for longer.

 Louma Beach in ProtarasWeather in Protaras in September

Despite the fact that September in Cyprus is still considered to be the summer season the number of tourists decreases in Protaras.

However, September in Protaras is deemed to be the most comfortable time of year. The sea retains its summer warmth and the air temperature in the latter part of the month drops to around 26°C.

Weather in Larnaca in September

Larnaca becomes a little less crowded in September, and the younger tourists and students are replaced by the older generation and families with small children. You can spend more time swimming and taking part in water sports as the sea temperature is very comfortable, and the strength of the sun gradually declines allowing you to spend time on the beach without an umbrella.

The average daily temperature in Larnaca begins its decline from +30°C at the beginning of September to +29°C at the end, while night temperatures drop to +22°C. The average sea temperature in Larnaca in September is 27°C.

Weather in Limassol in September

September in Limassol remains one of the hottest months when the busy tourist season continues. The skies are clear, and there is practically no rainfall.

Early in the month, the water temperature in Limassol is +30°C, and by the end, the thermometer drops to +26°C. All the summer clubs and bars in Limassol continue to work until the end of September. The average night temperature is 24°C. The second half of September is ideal for touring around Cyprus.

Weather in Paphos in September

Tombs of the kings

Water and air temperatures drop slightly in Paphos. Often, the first week of September in Paphos can record August type weather, but by the end of the month, the velvet season in Cyprus confidently rules.

Day temperature rises to an average of 29°C and drops to an average minimum of 23°C at night, making September an ideal time for boating, cruises and visiting the many attractions of Paphos and the surrounding area.

What to do in Cyprus in September?

The autumn wind still goes with the same force and the surface of the sea is mostly calm and serene: the ideal time for sea trips by boat, for yachting lessons or diving. Cruise ships still ply to Egypt, Syria and the Holy Land  in Israel; do not miss the opportunity to visit the neighboring country in a short two- or three-day cruise.

There are many local fruits in the shops: the season for watermelons has not yet ended, as well as ripe apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, plums – a paradise for lovers of these sweet gifts from the land.

Some hotels have reduced prices for accommodation, so you can save a little on vacation.

September and October in Cyprus are two gold months, a gift for those who want to extend their summer!

Guest Reviews about the weather in September

Dear travellers! Were you in Cyprus in September? How did you find the weather? Did you make any surprising discoveries you would like share? If so, please give us your feedback on the weather in the comments below.

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