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Seasonal fruit in Cyprus


The list of the first questions asked by people, coming to Cyprus, includes this: “What are the seasonal fruits which can be bought in Cyprus?”

Of course, going to the sea, one wants to be sure that one can enjoy plenty of not only the sun but also excellent local fruit, which are delivered to the stores and hotels directly from villages and are not subjected to any additional treatment.

Fruit in Cyprus in the summer


watermelons in CyprusCyprus’ summer starts … with watermelons. They ripen from the end of May, and the watermelon season lasts almost until the end of August. The cost of watermelons in Cyprus starts from 2 euro per kg in the first week and then rapidly decreases to 0.15-0.20 euros per kg. The watermelon is the king of Cyprus’ summer, and until you choose the biggest and most delicious of them and bring it home to enjoy its unique taste, it can be assumed that the summer did not start. Even at the end of May you can find a 15-kilogram “monster” on the shelves.

Incidentally, watermelons in Cyprus vary depending on where they are grown. The first to appear on the market, are watermelons from Paralimni and Paphos, and then from Akaki. There is something fascinating about eating a watermelon: remember how happy you are when you hear the characteristic crack of the watermelon being cut and then looking at and smelling the bright red aromatic pieces of goodies.


The first melons like watermelons, ripen in May. Their selling season in Cyprus also continues until the end of summer. The cost of 1 kg is about 0.5 euros.

apricots in CyprusApricots

The first local apricots appear in early June, and are sold throughout June and July. The best sort of Cyprus apricots is kaishia, light-yellow fruit with a hint of pink.

They are smaller and there are other varieties on sale in early June, but … just for a couple of weeks. Therefore, they are considered the most valuable. Some “linger” longer than others on the counter; varieties of apricots such as ”Michael Carrick”, have large bright fruit and are very nice, but not as juicy as apricots Kaishia. The cost of Cyprus’ apricots are 2-3 euros per kg.

Nectarines and peaches

The first nectarines and peaches appear for sale in Cyprus at the beginning of June. Although the first varieties ripen in Cyprus do not look as impressive as their Greek and Spanish counterparts in the Russian supermarkets, this must not fool you. These ordinary-looking fruits are sometimes the tastiest and juiciest. The price of local peaches and nectarines in Cyprus are around 2-3 euros per kg.

cherries in CyprusCherries

The cherry season in Cyprus starts in mid-May, but its season is short – and by the end of June, it is already moving away.

In Cyprus mainly two varieties are cultivated  – the purple-black petrokeraza and the pinkish-white “French”. Cherries are grown quite high in the mountains (for example, in Platres, Agros where there are whole plantations); their cost is quite expensive: the first sweet cherries are about 11 euros per kg, and later on, 5-7 euros per kg.


Cyprus’ figs appear mostly in July-October. This “spread” in seasons is due to the fact that at first the green figs appear, and then a sort of dark blue-black colored. In Cyprus, figs are associated with the end of summer, when at the peak of the heat the fruit are ripen, as if soaked with sun. Ripe figs have a rich taste and they really melt in your mouth.

prickly pears in CyprusCactus fruit (prikly pears)

The season for the edible fruit of the prickly pear cactus comes in August. The fruit, which are very tasty, are a somewhat reminiscent of a mixture of strawberries and kiwi. But to get to them is not so simple: prickly pears’ tiny thistles can dig into your skin and can severely injure you.

However, the locals are experts at seperating the edible flesh from the thistles so that you can enjoy them safely! At least once you must be sure to try them- the taste of these ripe fruit is simply unforgettable!


grapes in CyprusIt is mandatory mentioning the famous Cypriot grapes, which are “crowned” as the Cypriot summer fruit at the markets.

The island grows a few local varieties that can only be found in Cyprus (Xynisteri, Spurtico Maratheftiko, Ophthalmo), as well as the world famous varieties (Carignan noir Sultan, cabernet sauvignon, Malaga, Mataro, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Chardonnay and Merlot).

The first grapes appear in Cyprus in mid-June and are 2-3 euros per kg depending on the variety. Towards autumn the number of grapes on the shelves increases and the price decreases.

Papaya and mango

Closer to the fall exotic fruit mature in Paphos – papayas and mangoes, are grown in some villages. And, for example, in the villages Dymes and Kyprounta, raspberries and blackberries are also grown.


Strawberries grow round the whole year in Cyprus, usually in closed greenhouses. In winter the berries are protected by the cold in them, and in summer to help save them from the heat. The main strawberry plantations are situated in Famagusta and Limassol area. The cost of 1 kg of strawberries in the season is about 2 euros, while at the beach and stores its value can be increased up to 5 euros.

Fruit in Cyprus in autumn

mangoes in CyprusMangoes

Since the end of September mangoes are collected in Paphos.

Cyprus mangoes look very plain – green, crooked, with unsightly streaks, but the taste of local mangoes are usually much tastier than their “neighbors” on the shelf, from Brazil and Peru.


In October, the season of pomegranates begins in Cyprus. The first pomegranates in Cyprus have palely colors and are not as bright red as we are used to seeing them. Although there are such on the island, but they will be available later on in the season.

Cyprus’ pomegranates are surprisingly sweet, with small soft seeds. They can be eaten, squeezed into juice (freshly squeezed pomegranate juice is very popular on the island), or simply be added to salads and desserts. The cost of pomegranates in Cyprus is around 1,5-4 euro per kg.

guavas in CyprusGuavas

In the second half of September there is a “vitamin bomb” – guava on sale. The guava fruit contain five times more vitamin C than oranges usually do; besides, it contains large amounts of vitamin A and a variety of minerals.

Fruit in Cyprus in winter

Bananas and citrus fruit

bananas in CyprusIf someone believes that the season of fruits in Cyprus ends in the fall, they are seriously mistaken. In December,  bananas start to appear at the market (they are only grown in Paphos) and a variety of citrus fruit.

The season of bananas continues until the end of winter. The cost of bananas in Cyprus is about 1 euro per kg.

In turn, the diversity of the Cypriot citrus fruit is simply fascinating: oranges, lemons, limes, minoles, several varieties of tangerines, pomelos and other native species. They are grown almost anywhere, from urban gardens and to village plantations.

The locals did not even pick the fruit that grow beside the road, because they believe they are not  “clean” enough. Cyprus’ citrus fruits have a rich flavor and a unique aroma.


So, as you’ve probably realized, fresh fruit will always be available in Cyprus, whenever you come here. Characteristically, the locals prefer not to buy imported fruit, since there is an abudance of them on the island. Especially since the fertile land of Cyprus bestows them with fruit and berries all year round.


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