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When planning a vacation, especially travelling abroad, it is important to adequately consider the upcoming costs. Going to Cyprus, you can choose a holiday with a tour operator or organize  your trip by yourself. In the case of buying a standard tour package it is only necessary to take into account the additional costs (visits to restaurants, excursions, car hiring in Cyprus, shopping and souvenirs). In the case of self-recreation you  will have to provide a lot of extra “little things.”

Holidays in Cyprus with a tour operator

tour operators in CyprusA standard tour package usually includes a charter flight, accommodation and meals of the category chosen by one of the selected circuits (breakfast, half board, full board or “all inclusive”), group transfers, insurance and registration provisions to visit Cyprus.

The cost of tourist packages to Cyprus in 2014, were from 500 euros per person for 10 days (accommodation in a 3* hotel in Ayia Napa and Protaras with breakfast, a charter flight, group shuttle service attendant, insurance, registration documents for entry to the island) up to 1700-2000 euros for 10 days per person (accommodation in Limassol’s  5 * hotel, “all inclusive” meal option, flight, group transfers, insurance, etc).

In addition, you must consider the following additional costs:

renting a car in Cyprus1. When choosing food option BB (breakfast only), you should consider the cost of food. Lunch, dinner in a cafe or restaurant in a tourist area will cost an average of 60 euros for two people; snacks at a local cafe (which, incidentally, are of a good service and delicious food) will cost about 20 euros for two people.

2. If you plan to travel around the island, you will need to rent a car. The cost of renting a car in Cyprus is from 20-25 euros per day. For this price you get a Nissan Micra or similar vehicle. Those who are accustomed to travelling “in style”, can rent a Ferrari or Maserati, the value of which is around 1500 euros per day.

3. The cost of most excursions in Cyprus is from 40 to 80 euros. Excursions for the whole day (8 hours), usually include lunch or dinner. The cost of individual tours in Cyprus varies depending on the quality. Secure services by licensed companies will cost at least 300 euros per family.

4. The cost of souvenirs and shopping, which everyone calculates, based on their own needs and capabilities. Below we give an example of prices on some popular souvenirs that are available in Cyprus.

Shopping in Cyprus

Olive oil in the shops at the tourist area cost about 10 euros for 1 liter. This extra virgin olive oil can be purchased in local villages: 4 liters will cost about 20 euros. Traditional Cypriot sweets (delights, shudzhukos – a Caucasian counterpart of churchkhelas etc.) will cost 5-15 euros, silverware from Lefkara – from 40 euros for a ring to 70 euros for an openwork necklace.


shopping in Cyprus

Independent holiday in Cyprus

If you prefer to plan your holiday yourself, then you need to prepare the documents for the entry to the island, buy a ticket, book your apartment or villa in Cyprus, arrange transfers, meals and entertainment.

How to organize an independent trip to Cyprus?

villa rentals in CyprusFirst of all, you have to deal with visa procedures, if you are not a citizen of the EU. First of all, you must issue the provisions in order to be able to stay on the island for 90 days. This service is provided free of charge by the Embassy of Cyprus in Moscow. You only need to send the completed form via email and within 24 hours you will receive the document you need to print and present at the border.

Secondly, it is desirable to issue insurance, because in case of any problems, the treatment in Cyprus, as in any other European country, will cost dearly. Therefore it is better to give 15 euros for the issue of insurance for 10 days (the cost of insurance is 1.0-1.5 euros per night depending on the period of insurance and the insurance company).

Next, you must decide on the format of residence. It is best to book a villa or apartment, and then buy your ticket, as the demand for short-term rental property in Cyprus in the season is quite high, and the best options are booked in advance. The cost for renting 2-3 bedroom apartments, including electricity, water and utilities, is around 120-150 euros per day; renting a villa in Cyprus is about 250-500 euros per day. However, prices vary widely depending on the city, region, size of the house, etc.

After booking accommodation, you must choose airfare. You can try to contact the company which operates charter flights to Cyprus, but the demand is high during the holiday season, so that cheap can be bought only “bundled” with the tour. The cost of air travel to Cyprus is 300 euros. For any questions regarding buying, selling or renting properties in Cyprus, please contact our Real Estate department

When organizing independent trips you need to either rent a car, which can be delivered directly to the airport or book a transfer to your accommodation. Some landlords include the cost of transfer from the airport in the price. Taxi rides will cost about 50 euros from the airport in Larnaca to Limassol and 100 euros from Larnaca to Paphos.


flights to Cyprus

If you plan to cook yourself, then the value of the products in Cyprus are slightly cheaper than in Moscow and St. Petersburg (the cost of pork tenderloin is about 6-7 euros per 1 kg, fruit is about 0,5-2 euros per 1 kg, eggs are about 3 euros per dozen). The products can be bought from large supermarkets (Alfa Mega, Metro, Lidl, Carrefour) or from small shops in the tourist area, where prices are significantly higher, and the variety poorer.

supermarkets in CyprusExpenditure on food in restaurants, group excursions and souvenirs have been described above, and they also need to be taken into account.


Thus, when planning a holiday with a tour operator the cost of travel for 10 days will be about 3000 euros for two people sharing a mid-priced hotel (4 *), car rental, 2-3 excursions, visits to restaurants and buying a few souvenirs.

If you are organizing an independent vacation, then a similar trip can cost a little bit cheaper (depending on the cost of tickets and the option selected for the accomodation). At the same time, each type of holiday has its own advantages and disadvantages, and only you can decide which one is right for you.

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