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One of the first things people want to know when planning a trip to Cyprus is the cost of entertainment and eating out.

Here is a review of prices for some of the main items.

The latest research of international marketing agencies show that prices in Cyprus are comparable to European resorts (Spain, Italy, France), are slightly cheaper than in Turkey, but more expensive than in Bulgaria.

How expensive is Cyprus’ food?

Кипрский ресторанRestaurant prices for lunch or dinner in the tourist areas vary slightly. An appetizer can cost anywhere from €3–€7, and a hot dish €12–€20.

Trying the local seafood is a must (octopus, squid, mussels and shrimp); all very fresh.

It may not be such a good idea to order lobster though, as this is an imported product and can be quite expensive at around €85 per kilo.

These are the prices for fresh fish. The price of cooked freshly caught fish in a restaurant is calculated differently.

It is weighed and cooked in accordance with your wishes. The price of the dish may be around €60 per kilo of fresh, whole fish or seafood.

Cypriot mezeMany of the fish taverns in Cyprus hire fishermen to supply them with a fresh daily catch. In the winter, when the supply is less, fish are sometimes purchased from seafood suppliers.

The price of a single portion of meze is around €17–€22, but tradition says you must order no less than two portions, although two portions are sufficient for 3–4 people.

No Cypriot meal is complete without wine, and you should definitely consider trying a bottle of the local variety.

There are wonderful examples of local wines which you will not find outside Cyprus.  If you have lunch or dinner in one of the local taverns, especially in the mountains, then you really should order a jug of homemade wine (€5–€10).

So, lunch or dinner in a restaurant will cost you around €20–€30 per person, with wine or other spirits.

How much does food cost in Cyprus?

Русский отделIf you are planning on a long stay and are renting accommodation, then you will be interested in the prices of food in the supermarkets.

Food prices are comparable with London or Manchester’s. For instance, the price of 1 kilo of pork loin is around €6.  Beef is a little more expensive in Cyprus (€10–€25 per kilo) as a lot of it is imported.  Local Cyprus mutton is magnificent at around €9 per kilo.

The price of wines and spirits vary depending on whether it’s local or imported. Cyprus wine is anywhere from €4-€10 per bottle on average, and imported spirits are slightly lower than in the supermarkets in London or Manchester.

During the summer the price of local fruit – peaches, apricots, grapes and sweet cherries, is around €2–€3 per kilo. Cyprus strawberries will cost you about €3 for a large tray (0.5 kilos), while local watermelon, in season, is about €0.15–€0.20 per kilo.

Russian food is in practically every supermarket now, not just the specialized Russian shops. You can buy your beloved buckwheat at about €3 per kilo, and gingerbread and sprats.

Cigarettes are quite expensive when compared to the UK. The cheapest are about €3.50 per packet.  Other brands (Marlboro, Vogue, Parliament etc.) are from €4.50–€5 per packet.

How expensive is renting in Cyprus?

Машины в аренду

We’ve talked in detail about the cost of renting villas and apartments in a corresponding review.

When you rent a property you will usually be responsible for payment of the electricity, which is expensive at €0.30 per Kw/H.

One litre of petrol costs around €1.35

The price of car rentals depends on the season, the rental terms, the type of car and the company (network companies like Hertz or Europcar are normally more expensive than others). The prices are not high compared with other European countries – around €30–€50 per day even in high season.

How much do Cypriot tours cost?

Prices for tours in Cyprus depend on the length of journey, the number of sights and the food during the tour.

The most popular tours in Cyprus are trips to Troodos, with a visit to the Kikkos monastery and donkey riding.


Дамба Аспрокреммос

A grand tour to Kikkos usually includes a visit to one of the mountain villages (Omodos, Agros or Lefkara), a walk in the picturesque foothills of Troodos near the highest summit called Olympus, and a visit to  the Trooditissa monastery, which is famous for its rich history and the icon of the Most Holy Mother of God.

Прогулка на осликахA tour to Kikkos takes the whole day and its price includes a lunch in one of the small mountain restaurants. The price of an excursion to the Kikkos monastery is around €70–€75 per adult and €40 per child.

One of the most popular and enjoyable trips is donkey riding, with dinner on a farm.

This tour is fun for both children and adults.  You drive along narrow mountain roads on an old village bus, and then ride a donkey to the nearest monastery.  There is dancing in the evening and you can treat yourself to homemade wine, zivania and Cypriot delis (for more details see our story).

The price of the tour is €75 for adults and €30 per child.

How expensive is entertainment in Cyprus?

Морской бананHospitable Cyprus offers a great variety of entertainment for tourists and locals.

If you like water sports, any beach will offer a wide variety of rides – tubes and banana boats (€10–€15), jet-skis (€30–€40 for half an hour), beach catamaran (about €10 per hour). More serious occupations are also available in Cyprus – diving, yachting, kiting – everything is available.

You can arrange fascinating voyages on a schooner from Protaras along the coast. The trips last about 2–3 hours and cost €10–€15.

Sailing regattas are regularly held in the old port of Paphos which are not just for professional yachtsmen, novices can also participate. You can also hire a comfortable yacht with a captain for €700 a day for 7 people.

Water parks in Limassol, Paphos and Ayia-Napa are very popular with holiday makers and locals. The entrance fee for a whole day is €30 for adults and €15 for children under 12.

There is a special bus, which stops at most hotels, from the tourist area of Limassol to the water park (€3 each way), or taxis which charge €20 each way.

How expensive are Cyprus’ souvenirs?

ZivaniaEveryone wants to take mementos back for family and friends. Olive oil is always popular at €8–€15 per bottle.  If you want authentic homemade olive oil then you should go to the market or one of the villages or monasteries.  The price of 4 litres of authentic, cold pressed olive oil ranges between €18 and €25.

Local wine (€3–€10), fortified wine, commandaria (€10–€15) and zivania (€2–€10) also make good gifts.  It’s better to buy wine in the local shops rather than duty free as there is more choice and the prices are lower.

If you are interested in a more unique souvenir then there are the clay and pottery items and wooden statuettes handmade by local craftsmen. These souvenirs are anything from €10–€15 and more. Small items can be purchased for around €3–€5.

You can purchase orthodox icons at the monasteries. Icons from the Kikkos monastery are especially interesting (the price starts from €5–€10 and rises depending on the size and the metal mounting).

You may like to buy Cypriot sweets – Turkish delight and shuzshukos, almonds in grape syrup, halloumi cheese and homemade jam (the price ranges between €2 and €10).

How much does transport cost?

Bus The buses are not expensive (€1–€1.50 for a one-way ticket, with children travelling for free), and shuttle in the main tourist areas.

Taxi fees vary depending on the distance but are approximately €1 per kilometer, with prices higher in the evening.

As a rule, the price of a taxi ride around Limassol is about €10–€15.  A taxi from the airport in Larnaca to Limassol costs around €35–€50, and from Paphos to Larnaca about €100.

Car hire in Cyprus in season is €25–€30 for a small car (Nissan Micra, Ford Focus) and goes up to €1,500–€1,800 per day for a Maserati or Aston Martin.  The price depends on the class of vehicle and the number of days you will be hiring it for.

You should hire a beach buggy In Ayia Napa.  It costs around €50 per day but the pleasure of driving ‘round in it is absolutely priceless.

Shopping in Cyprus

Новый торговый центр Kings Mall в ПафосеClothes in Cyprus are more expensive than in Italy or other European countries, but shopping here can be interesting.

Large Malls have recently opened in Cyprus, where you can find popular brands such as Zara, United Colors of Benetton, Orly, Mango and others.

The choice and price of clothes in Cyprus is much better than the British equivalent.  If you are interested in the more exclusive brands there are boutiques for Gucci, Versace, Wolford, Escada and others.  They are normally all in one street, for example in Limassol they are located in the centre of the city, on Makarius Avenue.

It’s especially good to buy clothes when the shops have their sales. Winter discounts in Cyprus, like many European cities, start at the beginning of February and last for 45 days.  Summer discounts in Cyprus start on 15th July and also last for 45 days.  There are also some discounts around Christmas and Easter time.

You can buy high quality jewelry at good prices – gold (750 mark) and silver (925 mark) Prices for silver jewelry start at €20 and on the whole are lower than those in the UK.


My Mall в Лимассоле

We recommend you buy your gold and silvery jewelry from reliable shops.  For example, Zacharias store in the tourist zone of Limassol, which can boast a good choice of jewelry, as well as fur.  The price of a fox or silver fox fur waistcoat is about €1,000–€1,500 during the season and there is a 50% discount during the winter months. The price of a mink stole with discount is around €400.

If you still have questions about prices in Cyprus, please write in the comments section and we will certainly give you an answer.


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