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Many tourists like the “all inclusive” holiday, so popular in places like Greece and Turkey. Although it is a fairly new concept here, it is beginning to appear more and more in package deals.

The Cyprus government believes that the “all inclusive” package stands in the way of the development of some market segments, and destroys numerous small enterprises – cafes, souvenir shops and other outlets whose revenue depends directly on tourists.  It’s only recently that the “all inclusive” service has appeared in packages on offer from Cypriot hotels to accommodate tour operators who attract a significant tourist flow, mainly from the UK.


St Raphael Hotel

Many people travelling to Cyprus want to know if they should use the All Inclusive system, and it really depends on what you like.

Food and drinks in Cyprus (including spirits) are not that expensive, and the quality of service in the public eateries is quite good, so it may not be of economic benefit to go inclusive.

Those tourists who only eat in the hotel may be missing out on sampling the national Cypriot cuisine and visiting the traditional taverns.

All Inclusive may be a good choice for families with children, who prefer to spend their holidays in and around the hotel (more details about having a holiday with children in Cyprus in another article here).  In this case you should choose the hotel with the utmost care so as not to be disappointed.  The following is a detailed review of Cypriot hotels which offer the All Inclusive service.

All Inclusive Hotels in Ayia Napa:

Отель Adams Beach в Айя-Напе

Adams Beach Hotel, Ayia Napa

Visitors with children choose Ayia Napa and Protaras because of their sandy beaches and we will begin our review with them.

The Adams Beach and Atlantica Aeneas Resort, both 5 star, are located on the famous Nissi Beach.

These hotels offer their guests a full range of services under the All Inclusive system – meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), cold and hot appetizers during the day, ice-cream and spirits and refreshing drinks in the hotel bars. The price also includes the use of the gym, entertainment programmes in the hotel, the use of sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach and near the hotel pools.

But guests should remember that some services are charged extra – drinks from the mini-bar, laundry service, dry cleaning and the water rides.


Отель Atlantica Resort в Айя-Напе

Atlantica Resort Hotel, Ayia-Napa

Melissi Beach, 4 star. Apart from meals, guests can also use the gym and tennis courts (individual classes are extra), аs well as a varied entertainment programme (the hotel is famous for its traditional Greek style dance parties).

All Inclusive Hotels in Paphos

Отель Annabelle в Пафосе

Annabelle Hotel, Paphos

Most of the hotels in Paphos are in the top ratings, but we recommend you pay attention to two hotels – the 5 star Annabelle and the 4 star Louis Phaethon Beach when looking for All Inclusive in Paphos.

Hotel Annabelle is located in the centre of the tourist area of Paphos, in the old city next to the fortress and old port. Guests are in for wonderful food, аs well as the chance to use the services of the children’s entertainment club, a billiard room, a gym and a golf course. Shows for the grownups are also part of the All Inclusive package.

In the Louis Phaethon Beach hotel guests can enjoy all the advantages of a club holiday. The All Inclusive package includes full-board meals, refreshing drinks and local spirits, аs well as some cocktails, ice-cream and various types of appetizers. Guests can also use the gym, but will have to pay separately for massages, classes on the tennis court and water sports.

All Inclusive Hotels in Limassol

Only a handful of Limassol hotels offer All Inclusive. The most popular is the five star St. Raphael. This is one of the best offers in Limassol for a holiday with children, with an extensive entertainment programme lasting the whole year.


Отель St. Raphael

St. Raphael Hotel

The hotel offers a special programme – Ultra All Inclusive which includes, apart from lavish meals and various alcoholic cocktails, unlimited alcoholic drinks (including well known brands of vodka, gin, whiskey and brandy).

The use of a business center, Wi-Fi access, tennis courts, Jacuzzi and pools, saunas and steam bath, visits to the sports centre, covered and open pools, the use of umbrellas and sun loungers on the beach and near the pools are free too.

Also hotel guests are offered canoe and beach catamarans, as well as one class in a diving club for free.

Guests can receive riding lessons as well as classes for tennis, mini-golf, hire a mountain bike, play football, drive carts, shoot in a rifle-range and do many other things for free.

Отель Navarria

Navarria Hotel

Atlantica Oasis, 4 star, offers quite an extensive array of services under the All Inclusive system. Apart from the varied meals, you can try the house pizza, use the gym, take part in water aerobics or ping pong, use the sauna, play squash, badminton, volleyball and darts and take part in the hotel’s entertainment programme (thematic parties and variety shows).

The 3 star Navarria and Park Beach hotels that offer All Inclusive are also well worth a mention.

So it’s a good idea to pay attention to all the hotels’ are offering when choosing the All Inclusive system.

Generally hotels do offer a great number of additional free services to their guests. For instance, the 5 star hotel, Four Seasons, in Limassol, offers a wonderful gym, a private beach with free umbrellas and sun loungers, free classes in the diving club and more.