The Gold Lemon

A classical Greek fish tavern in Maroni village, situated between Larnaca and Limassol, near Zygi village, an area which is famous in the whole of Cyprus for its fish restaurants. Rustic style, cozy interior, great food and good service are the main characteristics of the Gold Lemon. The tavern is located in an area with a pool, and is a convenient place to organize family and corporate parties. The restaurant has several dishes that are served only here, which in combination with reasonable prices, make the Gold Lemon a perfect place to have a family celebration, or dinner in a close group of friends.


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Family business

Crossing the threshold of the tavern, we were introduced to a smiling hospitable man, Pambos –the chef and co-owner of the tavern. The Gold Lemon is a family business, organized by Pambos’ father 35 years ago. Later, he was ordained a priest at the local church, and passed the restaurant on to his wife and son. Today Pambos does business together with his mother.


pool side viewthe entrance of the restaurantthe playground

The restaurant has a simple interior in the spirit of traditional Cypriot taverns. It’s warm, cozy and comfortable. On weekdays during evenings, locals gather here to have a light snack or a cup of aromatic Cyprus coffee.

In summer you can swim in the pool before dinner and even between courses.

Pambos is a skilled chef, who is able to cook dishes from different cuisines of the world, including Chinese. Being young, he chose a difficult path of becoming a professional chef instead of a quiet mediocre cook in the family tavern. After graduating from culinary school, Pambos worked in various restaurants, in order to get indispensable and valuable experience. It was only after several years of work that he came to work in his own restaurant.

It should be noted that the owners of the restaurant grow their own lemons and olives and also produce oil, which are all used to prepare the dishes.

Fish and Seafood

The Gold Lemon is a fish tavern and here they know a lot about seafood. Every day you can find a selection of only the freshest ingredients, which are used to prepare meals for guests at the restaurant.

Pambos prepared a fish meze for us.


Cypriot traditional saladfreshly caught fish at Gold Lemon restaurant


At the beginning of the meal we were served with traditional appetizers: olives, as expected, with a slight bitterness, a set of Cypriot dips and the customary salad with a lemon juice and olive oil dressing. Also, traditional Russian salad was offered.

The next dish was unique, one can only try it in the Gold Lemon – it was octopus; especially tender flesh octopus under the thin crispy crust, deep fried.

Fried potatoes were also prepared from fresh potatoes: no frozen convenience foods!

The next stop of our culinary program was fried calamari and small shellfish in a crispy breading and tender inside.

Then grilled prawns with lemon juice and spices appeared on the table. The shrimps were roasted with moderation, keeping tenderness and juiciness. Note that the shrimp is one of the favorite dishes of the chef. He prepares them differently: shrimp saganaki is a traditional Cypriot dish with tomato, which combines the spicy note of garlic, lemon juice and the rich flavor of herbs; Russian guests prefer shrimps in a creamy garlic sauce.

Then followed red mullet – one of the best kinds of local fish, which is traditionally cooked whole fried. The meat is easily separated from the bones and literally melts in your mouth.

Coming near the end of this feast of flavors, grilled sea bass was served – the Cypriot King fish, as it known and which is served at the end of the meal. Lean, firm and with a juicy flesh, whith practically no bones.


Gold Lemon OctopusGold Lemon fishGold Lemon Red Mullet

Every Thursday there is a special menu for the Russian guests at the restaurant. Pambos prepares salad, dips, bread fried with herbs and olive oil, octopus with garlic, shrimp saganaki, fried fish and squid.

creating a unique ambienceFestivals and events

The Gold Lemon organizes different kinds of parties: weddings, birthdays, christenings. The restaurant organizes buffets with fish dishes and international cuisine. There are experts in the serving business, as well as in the design of the events, including music and lighting. Pambos can successfully create a special holiday atmosphere, the center of which, of course, is quality food. At wedding parties the newlyweds can stay at a unique villa with stunning views for the night, free of charge.

Sunday lunch

Sunday buffets at the Gold Lemon (from 12:30 to 17:00) are now a real gastronomic hit. It offers a wide selection of salads and dips, calamari and fried fish without restrictions for 15 euros per person. Every Sunday, about 150 to 300 guests come for lunch. It is better to reserve a table in advance.

The restaurant is open 7 days a week.


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