Malindi is a gourmet restaurant on the beach. It offers its guests full beach service, including sun beds, showers, changing rooms and, of course, one of the best sandy beaches in Limassol. The combination of its eased comfort and luxury service, exquisite cuisine and a relaxed dress code, great design and natural charm, makes it the place you want to be in the summer and not only!

Malindi is located away from the road – where the rustle of the waves in a silent mellifluous and gentle sloping on the sandy bottom create ideal conditions for recreation for children and adults.

From 7 in the morning the restaurant offers coffee and drinks – breakfast in the morning, snacks and full meals during the day and in the evening a romantic dinner at sunset- accompanied by one of the most inviting sights on earth!

Review on behalf of the ‘Cyprus Inform’

high-quality beach beds and umbrellas
With great interest I went to this restaurant – the fifth project of the Up-Town Square.

This marine themed restaurant is located on the beach, offering visitors not only exquisite food and drinks but also beach service of a high level. It offers high-quality beds, umbrellas, changing rooms and showers.

At the restaurant, the impeccable service is a standard for Tony; therefore all desires are fulfilled immediately. During the off-season, guests enjoy relaxing on the veranda, being offered blankets. The covered hall of the restaurant is easily converted into an open veranda and in bad weather or extreme heat it can hide from these extreme weather conditions behind the sliding windows.

Malindi’s special romantic ambience, which is created by the distant cranes rising above the port of Limassol, the beautiful turquoise sea and, of course, the  colorful kite surfers, make it a unique place of choice for many. The beach here is ideal: a sandy bottom, wide coastal edge and shallow waters, perfect for young swimmers as well for adults.


So how does Up-Town owner Tony allure people to becoming Malindi addicts?

To begin with, carpaccio salad (€ 13,80): Fresh spinach and arugula leaves, marinated sea bass, cherry tomatoes and young chicory. A refreshingly delicious salad! The sea bass does not give you the impression of raw fish; instead, the exquisite marinade does the job. The fresh crispy greens are in perfect harmony with the sweet citrus dressing.

Next on the list, Malindi’s branded shrimp (€ 14,80). Prepared in roasted coffee beans with a sambuca liqueur shrimp sauce. This dish is definitely in the ‘try’ list! The soft anise aroma of the sambuca liqueur, the sweet sauce with crispy slices of the completely bitter coffee beans and tender flesh of shrimp makes it a divine choice – such food makes life worth living!


delicious appetizers at Malindi grilled octopus at Malindi carpaccio salad at Malindi


Another amazing dish, char grilled octopus (€ 12,30). Tender octopus, grilled and served with an olive oil and lemon juice sauce. Lovers of octopus, do not pass by without tasting this one!

Next follows the marinated seabream fillet (€ 8,60) with fennel, rocket salad and lime. The meaty pieces of the fish vaguely reminded me of sturgeon. A harmonious blend of anise and fennel flavor gives the dominant, but at the same time gentle note. This dish will perfectly satisfy your hunger on a hot summer day.

Main course

And the feast continues! Stuffed grilled calamari with feta cheese (€ 17,50). The large squid is stuffed with feta cheese and baked in a pan with tomato sauce. The soft salty stuffing and the sweet, fragrant spices of the tomato sauce make it a decent meal, full of flavors and aromas.

The seabass fillet with tuna mousseline (€ 19,80) is served with beans, roasted with pesto cream sauce and shrimp. Rarely have I seen such a variety of flavors in one dish: the fried fish with its juicy bits, the original creamy shrimp sauce which is dark brown, and the bright green fine mousse and delicate beans with the basil pesto sauce.


juicy salmon at MalindiStuffed grilled calamari with feta cheese at Malindi

In conclusion

I am grateful to Tony for this new place on the map of this beloved city. Malindi is undoubtedly a wonderful place for a meal at any time of the day. It is perfect for an early breakfast with the fresh sea breeze, for lunch in the shade of the palm trees and of course for dinner, accompanied by one of the greatest spectacles on earth –a romantic sunset by the sea…


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