Julietta Sweets

Julietta Sweets is a quality Georgian homemade cuisine cafe in Paphos.

This mysterious place is located in a quiet side street of old Paphos, and almost everybody always comes here on recommendation. At Juliette Sweets one can order food for take away and treat their guests. Having tasted the delicious khachapuri or khinkali, friends and relatives come to the cafe to please themselves and their loved ones with delicious home-made food. The interior of the café is simple and warm and you are always happy to have lunch or dinner in the presence of the welcoming and friendly (as is customary in Caucasus) hostess Julia – Greek woman from Tbilisi.


 Julietta Sweets' front Julietta Sweets' playground for young customers

Yes, I’m familiar enough with the Caucasian kitchen to admit – that’s it! All is cooked with soul and love.

delicious food at Julietta Sweets

Georgian snacks

Traditional pkhali, Satsivi chicken with thick peanut sauce; eggplant with nuts; and, of course, ajapsandal from browned pieces of eggplant, sweet pepper and garlic, as well as cilantro and basil. What gave me a sincere surprise was “Mystery” salad; I thought that the main ingredient is beef, but it turned out to be eggplant. A very refreshing light meal.

First dishes

Pay special attention to the richness of solyanka, the “Georgian King” harcho and their traditional thick borsch. Instead of bread, you can try little delicious pies with cabbage and potatoes. Dieting … I have to forget all about it, crossing the threshold of this hospitable place!


great appetizers at Julietta Sweets'Mystery' saladhealthy Caucasian meals

Khachapuri and chebureki

Khachapuri is an absolute hit among the “takeaway”: a gentle airy dough and unsalted cheese with a slightly toasted crust. A definite treat to adorn your table!

Chebureki is also in great demand among the visitors: a thin crispy batter and tender juicy beef, plus the light scent of spices.


Georgian delicaciesGeorgian delicacies

Georgian classics

cooking meat to perfection

There is always a stunning flavor in Julietta Sweets, as if you have accidentally transported to the hospitable Iberia. The air is scented with chakhokhbili from tender chicken, hearty vegetable soup with fresh herbs and fried- until golden brown- juicy lamb kebab.

A highlight staple is the real eastern pilaf with a cumin aroma and other spices.


In Julietta Sweets one can purchase for take away not only ready-made meals, but also semi-finished products: frozen dumplings and khinkali, dumplings with cheese and potatoes. Everything is home-made, and most importantly – cooked with a lot of love! The traditional Russian salads are also very popular: Olivier salad, Caesar’s salad.
Business lunch

At Julietta Sweets you can have a hearty lunch: starters, a hot dish and fruit compote just for 8 euro.

amazing sweets


At Julietta Sweets you can try many amazing sweets: cheesecake, rolls with cream, nuts with condensed milk and sweet abundance … This place will really surprise you!

With the traditional Caucasian hospitality …

In this unique way, Julietta Sweets welcomes each guest, who comes to dine with a friend to share an evening meal, or buy ready-made meals for a home feast. Here, in a quiet courtyard of old Paphos, lovers flock to enjoy a healthy Caucasian meal with a glass of Georgian wine and exchange a few words with their hospitable hostess!

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