Bistro Boulevard & Wine Bar

Bistro Boulevard & Wine Bar lies in the city of Paphosbusiness center square in front of the main building of the police station.

The restaurant has an internal cozy hall with a stylish design, a roofed veranda for smokers and a lovely patio. Here one can have a cup of coffee or enjoy a good wine, which can be chosen from the extensive wine list, as well as have dinner, enjoying dishes made by the local chefs.

Themed nights with live music regularly take place at the “Boulevard”.

A friendly multilingual staff paired with a cozy ambience makes this place interesting not only for locals, but also for the tourists, who come here to have a meal from the tourist part of the town.


the roofed veranda at Bistro Boulevardstylish designBistro Boulevard & Wine Bar interior

Review on behalf of the Cyprus Inform

I have been familiar with Paphos for many years, and I remember that this place used to be the old cafe Titania with a large parrot sitting on a wooden fence.

New Bistro Boulevard & Wine Bar gave the area a new appearance and became one of the few places in Paphos, where you can come for quality wine, excellent food and a delightful ambience.

There are small, snug rooms in Boulevard bistro, where you can shelter from the wind and dampness in winter time and from the scorching heat during summer. It is a very romantic place: with an interesting design, the appropriate lighting and well-chosen music.

At the entrance there is a restful terrace under a canopy – a popular place for the lovers of outdoor seating, as well as a picturesque courtyard, where you can organize an event for friends and, of course, yourself.


Bistro Boulevard & Wine Bar offers its guests a wide selection of interesting wines, including wine by the glass. If you want special advice on how to choose the proper wine for you, you can ask the professional sommelier.

It’s very exciting to scroll down the menu, find the familiar brand names but also take a careful look at the unfamiliar brands.

We can list only few of them for you to understand: Moet & Chandon (€ 57), Ezousa Xynisteri € 14.50, Gerovassiliou Avaton € 45 etc.


Bistro Boulevard & Wine Bar innovative wine 'holders'

The menu

It was a magic repast! I put the menu aside and confided the selection of my meal in the chief. The meal I’ve been regaled with has surpassed all my expectations in terms of quality of each dish and of such wonderful combination: a careful sequence of flavors and blends with a perfectly selected glass of rose wine from Tsiakkas local winery.

carpaccio of beetroot and avocado with smoked salmonStarters

My initiative step into this hall of flavors was carpaccio of beetroot and avocado with smoked salmon. Just imagine such a magical combination! Delicate sweet boiled beets, soft creamy avocado-salted salmon with a distinct hint of smoked and slightly tangy, refreshing radish sauce.

This dish was a great surprise for me because of its wonderful composition made up of simple products. Believe me; all the meals are carefully handled and prepared to perfection!


ravioli with lobster in a tomato-cognac sauceAs soon as I came to my senses, the waiter brought another masterpiece – ravioli with lobster in a tomato-cognac sauce. An Italian classic meal. Al dente, thin egg pasta with and stuffing from the king of the sea – lobster, melting in your mouth, once inside.

A wonderful sauce brewed from the shells of marine crayfish with the vital addition of tomato, ginger, brandy and Parmesan; this completed the picture of the dish. Again here you can find the combination of gentle and fragrant brandy with an outstanding twist. Great meal!

Main course

Salmon with couscous and a creamy sauce with passion fruitSo far I must admit, that I was taken aback with the explosion and richness of flavors, however the main course got my foremost delight. Salmon with couscous and a creamy sauce with passion fruit! It was the first time I had ever tried such a combination of flavors!

But let me tell you a few words about this salmon: a quality fresh fish steak which was thoroughly roasted on one side and decorated with its crispy skin on the top, which was rosy from the intense heat.

The Chef definitely knows his job! Under the crust was the tender flesh of salmon, separating into layers with the light touch of a fork. The fish was not raw, but retained all of its juiciness into its gleaming shiny wet pink curves.

The couscous was perfectly combined with the fish and were perfectly bound together with the passion fruit sauce. The sauce was not an element of decor, but rather a full participant of the composition: the sauce moistened the couscous, so that in the mouth everything was connected and brought out the divine flavor created by this dish. This dish is “must try; you’d better order a brilliant combination of all three culinary delights mentioned above. I do not know how all this will make you feel, but I surely reached a gastronomic orgasm!


Bistro Boulevard and Wine Bar is famous not only for wine and its cuisine, but also for exciting events.

During weekends there are often fun parties with guest DJs and live singers. There are also popular theme nights; dinners with Russian vodka and caviar take place for example.

Look for the announcements, and it is a guarantee that the discovery for those who have not been to Bistro Boulevard and Wine Bar is a pleasure bound to emerge!


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