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Weather in Cyprus in March

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In March, Cyprus  is a great opportunity to escape from dull landscapes and slushiness. On the island it’s the time of rampant spring! Throughout the landscapes, there are almond trees and jasmine trees blossoming and lush green grass covered slopes. The sea air is intoxicating with the aromas of fruit trees.

Air and sea temperature in Cyprus in March

Spring in CyprusSpring in Cyprus is favorable for outdoor enthusiasts: you can go jogging along the coastline, walk around the city, sunbathe by the pool, and even dive into the water if the hotel has a heated swimming pool.

At the beginning of March in the mountains, the ski season goes on, the daytime temperature at about +5°C. The sea temperature is around +17°C.

The end of March will bring bronze tan, and you can enjoy the sun without the fear of getting sunburnt. The daytime temperature rarely rises above +23°С — 24°C (average around +16°С — +19°C), and the night is still quite cool (about +7°С — + 9°C).

When planning a trip to Cyprus in February-March, better stock up on warm clothes, taking with you a couple of sweaters and a jacket to walk along the coast in the evening and be comfortable. And an umbrella would be handy, although  in March it doesn’t rain that much.

Cyprus safariHolidays in Cyprus in March

March offers a comprehensive program for safari and jeep tours lovers. For example, you can go on a fascinating excursion on quad bikes. The routes ued are surrounded by beautiful scenery, and it is better to take a half-day excursion.

A variety of excursions are offered by local tourist agencies.

Fans of fishing can take part in an exciting journey – catching octopus or sea fishing. The trip starts in the morning in the port of Larnaca and Limassol. Dishes made of the freshly-caught fish, in conjunction with local wines will make a mouthwatering combination of flavours. The estimated cost of the tour is 60-70 euros.

Weather in Ayia Napa in March

In March the daylight hours increase significantly, so begins Spring in Cyprus. A slight decrease in cloud cover reduces the chance of rain.

Despite the fact that the sea water is still only around 17 ° C, and the city’s beaches remain without sun beds and umbrellas, the first tourists in Ayia Napa are sunbathing and even swimming in the sea. The average daily temperature at the beginning of March is about 18°C, increasing to +21°C towards the end of the month.

 Cape Greco Weather in Protaras in March

Weather in Protaras in spring will please the few tourists with its bright sun and strong breezes. There may be rain, and a chance of thunderstorms. The average daily temperature is 19°C, and at night is +8°C.

Protaras in March is the ideal time for lovers of hiking as the city is close to one of Cyprus’ nature reserves — Cape Greco National Park, with its many natural paths for leisurely walks.

Weather in Larnaca in March

It’s a little early for a ‘real’ summer holiday in Larnaca. The summer season in Cyprus begins in April. There is a predominance of sunny days so you can still enjoy a beach holiday, although most beaches are still deserted, and summer cafes closed.

By the end of March, the amount and intensity of rainfall are reduced, so it’s a great month to explore the many attractions of the island.

 Limassol Malindi beach - CyprusWeather in Limassol in March

March is considered to be the greenest month in Cyprus. In March the hills and fields around Limassol are covered with green grass.

The average daily temperature markedly increases, and it’ll probably be too warm for a jacket on afternoon walks. Daytime temperatures can reach 23°C, and the temperature at night drops to +9°C.

Weather in Paphos in March

The change from winter to summer begins in March for Paphos. Despite the wind, intermittent rain and storms it’s one of the most comfortable months for walking, cycling and hiking around Paphos.

Despite the fact that the air temperature rises steadily, temperature indicators in the sea are still among the lowest of the year, averaging about 23°C.

Festivals in Cyprus in March

the CarnivalCarnival festivals begins in February with the celebration of the Cyprus carnival, which sometimes ends in March (the date of the end of the Carnival is dependent on the date of Easter). On this holiday, we wrote a lot in a previous article.

One of the most important and revered holidays in Cyprus is Easter, so many of the March events are devoted to it. Easter season opens for fifty days until Easter, and it begins with “Green Monday”.

«Green Monday» is an official holiday in Cyprus. Every year, on this day the locals go for vegetarian picnics, which is the custom of the day, as well as flying kites.

There are activities for the amateur sporting fans as well. In March, an annual Limassol Marathon is held in Limassol and antique rally cars, passing through the picturesque mountain villages.

It should be noted that the “Fashion Week”, held in Nicosia, as well as 2 Film Festivals, one of which is dedicated to  documentaries, and the second to the author’s cinema.

Prices for holidays in Cyprus in March

In late March, prices for holidays begin to rise. As a rule, this is for the prices of hotel accommodation. Most of the hotels, closed for repairs, open for the new season, and make haste to please the guests with their updated interior. Prices for hotels in Cyprus in March increase compared to the winter prices which are 10-15% lower, and after 20th March, some hotels raise their prices by 20%, bringing them closer to the seasonal rates.

Prices in Cyprus’ restaurants are practically independent of the season: a lunch or dinner at a restaurant in Paphos or Limassol will cost about 30-40 euros per person with wine.

If you do not have breakfast at the hotel or are staying in anapartment, you can get a full “English breakfast” , which can be almost at any coastal cafe for 3.5-5 euros. The breakfast usually includes scrambled eggs, toast, Cyprus sausage, fried mushrooms, beans in tomato sauce, jam, butter, juice or coffee.


Cafes in Cyprus in March

The cost for excursions in Cyprus does not depend on the season and, on average, is about 50-60 euros per person.

Shopping in Cyprus in March is very entertaining. Shopping centers bring out the new-brought European collections. If you need to update your wardrobe, it is best to head to the island’s capital Nicosia, where the most famous boutiques are, although in the central streets of Limassol and Paphos you can easily find boutiques of European brands, where prices and range are quite competitive.

So, do you want to enjoy the first spring scents and take part in the carnival? Would you like to get fresh impressions from visiting the island and see the sights? Are you in for discovering the island so that you come back here again and again? Well, if that’s the case, then Cyprus in March is waiting for you!

Guest Reviews about the weather in March

Dear travellers! Were you in Cyprus in March? How did you find the weather? Did you make any surprising discoveries you would like share? If so, please give us your feedback on the weather in the comments below.

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