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Constantina Wedding Dresses

The founder and owner of the wedding and evening dresses’ studio Constantina, successfully graduated from the Faculty of Design with a degree in “Evening dresses and wedding fashion.”

In her elegant studio, Constantina and other experienced professionals create exclusive dresses worthy of the world’s catwalks.


Constantina wedding dressesConstantina wedding dressesConstantina wedding dressesConstantina wedding dresses

Luxury designer fabrics, unique designs and stunning silhouettes are the hallmark of Constantina Wedding Dresses.

The main purpose is to reveal the identity of the bride and to create the luxurious dress for celebrating the most important day in someone’s life.

Wedding dresses from Constantina Wedding Dresses are a real work of art, created from the finest silk, brought from America, Italy and England. These unique pieces are decorated with handmade lace, Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones.


Constantina wedding dressesConstantina wedding dressesConstantina wedding dresses

Constantina Wedding Dresses in Limassol is a place where you can order custom tailoring for wedding dresses in Cyprus, as well as choose affordable evening dresses.

The price of the selected piece depends on the cost of the selected materials, the design complexity, and additional things that can be made as customer order fulfillment.

Constantina Wedding DressesConstantina Wedding Dresses’ clients are girls and women who come to the studio not for the ready-made dresses, but for individual orders.

You can also have your dress fitted at the studio.

Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day, because she is afterall the one who draws all the attention on this day, but many are not satisfied with the range of wedding dresses available in the shops and boutiques.

If you want to create a unique dress and not be like anyone else, you should contact Constantina Wedding Dresses.

Sewing wedding dresses in Cyprus at Constantina Wedding Dresses is a guarantee for creating a flawless image and elegance.


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