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The Old Port Exhibition Center

Cosmetics based on olive oil at the  Old Port CenterThe history of the Old Port Exhibition Center dates back to the 1890’s. Captain Stylianos Moraris, our grandfather and founder, started fishing sponges throughout the Mediterranean Sea in his 25-meter boat. He was born and lived on the famous little island of Symi, near Rhodes.

Fishing sponges became a family tradition and was passed from father to son. After the Second World War, Captain Stylianos’ son, Gregoris, moved to Famagusta, Cyprus and continued harvesting sponges. The tradition was then passed to Gregoris’ son, Andreas. After the tragic events of 1974, when he moved to Limassol, he expanded the company, building his own factory in the industrial area of the town.

This is where the bleaching and packing of sea sponges and natural loofah products take place. Andreas has since added many other activities to the company, but the main field always remained the natural sea sponges and the natural loofahs in Cyprus.

The natural sea sponges and loofah products are the two products which are mostly exported throughout the European countries, where they are very popular thanks to their exceptional packaging and fine quality.

We have many years of experience on the sea sponges, natural soaps,olive oil products for the skin, olive oil products for the hair, loofah sponges and Dead Sea products, which ensures the quality of our products.

Sea Sponges

The sea sponge is useful for many purposes and especially in cosmetics. It is also used for medical purposes and the making of chinaware, etc. Naturally, there are also fake sponges made of plastic, but they do not have the absorbance nor the beauty of a natural sea sponge.

If you decide to come to Cyprus you should take some time and visit us and watch the whole process of how sea sponges are treated and find all shapes and kinds of sea sponges, which are offered at special prices.


sea sponges at the Old Port Center

Natural Soaps

Our natural soaps are all very gentle and can be used safely on the body and face. They are hand-made, and all the ingredients have been very carefully chosen to ensure the purity of the final product.

We use pure essential oils for most natural soaps, for their beautiful smells and for the specific properties they have, but we also have discovered some delicious and irresistible fragrances (think Mango…), that are perfectly safe for normal to dry skins, so enjoy!


Old Port Exhibition CenterOld Port Exhibition CenterOld Port Exhibition Center

Dead Sea Products

These natural beauty products are nriched with mineral salts and mud that are extracted directly from the deep sea, located at the lowest point of the earth (400 m below sea level).

The Dead Sea is known as one of the world’s richest sourses of salts and minerals, which are essential for the health of your body and the care of your skin. The dead sea products and minerals are renowned for relieving pains and sufferings caused by athritis, rheumatism,psoriasis, eczema, stress, headache and foot-ache while nourishing and softening the skin.

Loofah Sponges

Old Port Exhibition CenterThe loofah is an all year round climbing plant with huge yellow flowers and 5-7 multisplit leaves. It’s fruits are cylindrical and during ripening the interior is transformed into a spongy fibrous mass somewhat like a mesh. After special treatment (cleaning and bleaching) loofahs are used as sponges for bathing and massaging.

The loofah is sowed late in spring and has a preference for warm climates. Each plant, according to it’s variety gives up to 10 to 15 fruits and needs a lot of moisture. Each has a minimum length of 45cm.

After the loofah is dried and the skin is removed, the outer layer which is soft, is processed. The final loofah product can be used for a healthy body cleansing, suppressing cellulite and helping blood circulation, leaving the skin feeling softer. The inner layer of the loofah which is harder can be used for treating the rough body areas. It can also be used for cleaning hard surfaces in the house and washing kitchenware as it does not leave any scratches.

Olive Oil for the Skin and Hairthe Old Port exhibition center

A range of natural olive oil hair shampoos, body scrubs, body lotions, hand creams, foot creams, body butters, massage oils, sun lotions, after sun lotions and face creams are available at the Old Port Center.

The olive oil is extra virgin and comes from olive groves organically cultivated and whenever possible, we have ensured that our other ingredients are of the same organic standard.

Olivellenic ® products are certified  by ICEA, Bio Eco-cosmetic.

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